Pokemon Go Battle Day: Miltank – Tasks, Rewards and All Info at a Glance

Pokemon Go Battle Day: Miltank - Tasks, Rewards and All Info at a Glance

you can come today pokemon go with Go Battle Day: Miltanki Deals in which, among other things, Pokémon are the focus of the action.

Go Battle Day: Finds in Miltank pokemon go Feather 6 November 2022 Instead, the duration of the event extends from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm local time, So you have plenty of time!

we show you in our guideWhat activities, rewards and bonuses are available to you today.


What can I do with Miltank on Go Battle Day?

During the event period from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM you can A total of 20 battle sets instead of five graduate does it total 100 fightsWhich you can fight this day.

Meanwhile, the following bonuses also apply:

  • you receive Four times more stardust for the win,

this also applies 11 am to 2 pm Following:

  • Reward appears in encounters miltank guarantee,
  • There is one in each battle set pokemon encounter Reward for the first victory for standard battles. The second to fifth prizes remain unchanged.
  • are in premium battles Win All Pokémon Encounters,
  • there is one Increased Chances of a Shiny Miltanki hold true.

Go Battle Day: Miltank – Timely Research

Limited-time research will also be available to all players on Go Battle Day with Miltank. As a result, you can earn XP, Rare Candies, a Top Load TM, and Miltank encounters as rewards.

Here are all the details on the limited research:

Work the prize
Fight 5 times in Go Battle League 7,500 XP
Fight 10 times in Go Battle League 7,500 XP
Use 10 very effective charged attacks 7,500 XP
use 10 power-ups on pokemon 7,500 XP
3 Special Candies, 1 Top Charge TM, Encounter with Miltank

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