Steam Deck: Video shows off trackpad and motion controls

Steam Deck: Video shows off trackpad and motion controls

Valve’s Steam Deck is a competitor to the handheld Nintendo Switch. The trackpad can now be seen in a new video.

In addition to the classic analog stick, trackpads are also integrated. (source: Valve)

  • Control is possible via touch screen.
  • The capacitive analog stick and trackpad are a special feature.

new in valve Steam Deck-Handheld declare. Among other things, the trackpad and motion controls are special features – apart from the fact that you can enjoy the latest PC games on the go.

Even if Valve’s Steam Deck Is a Competitor Nintendo Switch Maybe, the two handhelds already differ in terms of the arrangement of the operating elements. While the analog sticks are staggered on the Nintendo Switch, they’re in line with the action buttons on the D-pad and Steam Deck handhelds.

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You can use the joystick for classic movement controls, but also for gyroscopic aiming. Analog sticks are capacitive, so they recognize when a finger or thumb is touching them. This touch then activates the internal gyro sensor and if your Steam deck is tilted, the viewing angle in the game is tilted as well.

steam deck

This is what Valve’s Steam Deck looks like.

trackpad die

Trackpads are integrated under the joystick. While you can use the left and right trackpads for gyroscopic aiming in shooters, they also have a different purpose.

Valve keeps pointing out that their Steam Deck handheld is more of a handheld-sized gaming PC. In this context, Valve clearly sees the trackpad as an alternative to the mouse controls that PC gamers are used to.

with so much difference Nintendo Switch-Console However, one thing remains the same: Valve’s Steam deck also has a touch-enabled screen that can be used to control the game.

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