Final approval for Tesla factory is already scheduled internally>

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As part of the 17th Advance Approval, Tesla is permitted to install a number of tanks at the site of its emerging Gigafactory in Grunheide, near Berlin. The Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment announced it officially on Wednesday – but unofficially a day later there was huge news: according to one report, final approval for the Tesla factory is also a deal and could be granted in November.

Tesla’s decision in a small circle?

Final approval is already certain for Tesla, reported Thursday Online Publishing Business Insider Citing multiple sources in government circles. However, a number of stricter requirements are to be expected. These should relate to the topic of water and potential accidents. According to the report, the decision to approve it was taken “several days ago in a small circle”.

At the request of Business Insider, the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment maintained the stance that Tesla’s applications would only be decided after an online consultation that began last Friday. No statement can be made at present on the result, date and content. Provides counseling to people and institutions Who objected to the Tesla project, by mid-October to explain it again. This entails public participation, and the state office responsible for the environment can make a decision on the Gigafactory after weighing all objections and reactions, as the ministry previously reported.

In this regard, the Business Insider report and the ministry’s response are not necessarily in contradiction: a formal decision should not be made because the consultation has not yet concluded. But the roughly 500 pages of summarized objections have long been known to the Brandenburg authorities, and in terms of content they should certainly be able to assess whether they pose significant obstacles. In this regard, the reported “small circle” may have already arrived at results that are yet to be announced and confirmed.

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Requirements for the Gigafactory Project

This is also supported by the fact that, according to Business Insider, some additional requirements have already been specified for Tesla. It should be about water management and potential accidents – both topics that have come to the fore over a long period of time. Moving Gigafactory Project As Problematic Proven. Furthermore, every further advance approval, including the previous one issued for tanks, means that the officers involved still see good prospects for overall approval. According to the Ministry of Environment By mid-September 13 official bodies had already declaredOverall no worries.

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