Mercedes T-Class: The Nobel Edition of the Cetan

Mercedes T-Class: The Nobel Edition of the Cetan

Mercedes offers a more luxurious car version of the Citroen. It will premiere on April 26, 2022 as the Mercedes T-Class.

Mercedes is expanding its van portfolio with a new entry-level model – the T-Class. But it’s not really new, as the T-Class is basically a better equipped version of the Mercedes Citon, which in turn is a technical clone of the Renault Kangoo. The new T-Class, not to be confused with the already familiar T-model from the C and E-Class series, will be presented on April 26, 2022.

Also comes as E version

In Mercedes’ words, the new T-Class combines the typical Mercedes standards of comfort, connectivity, quality and safety with a sporty, emotive design with a large and convertible amount of space, practical sliding doors and. The youngest member of the Mercedes-Benz family to offer a wide range of design and comfort in the personal small van segment.

Anyone who wants to check out the new van ahead of the premiere of the T-Class should take a closer look at the tourer version of the Citon that has already been presented. If you switch to electric drive, you will EQT Find a purely electric version of the new T-Class later in the Mercedes range.


Mercedes is expanding its van range with the new T-Class. It is nothing more than an even better equipped version of the already famous Mercedes Seitan tourer. The technology comes from under the high ceiling combination Renault Kangoo,

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