Apple iPad Air 5 has pull tabs for easy battery replacement

Apple iPad Air 5 has pull tabs for easy battery replacement

When tearing down an Apple iPad Air 5, repair service iFixit discovered that the tablet has tabs on the bottom for easy battery replacement.

On the other hand, earlier iPad Air models had firmly affixed battery cells that could only be removed with great effort.

iFixit Finds Pull Tabs on iPad Air 5

Since repair service iFixit was able to determine when the Apple iPad Air 5 broke, it has built-in tabs on the bottom that make it easier to replace the battery than on the previous model.

In earlier iPad Air models, the battery cells were completely glued and the adhesive could only be removed with solvents, making it difficult to replace the battery.

Pull tabs are designed to allow third party repair shops and customers to make and repair themselves easier. However, Apple Retail Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers still replace the entire device when a customer needs a new battery.

better environmental friendliness

Pull tabs could benefit the environment because they make it easier for Apple’s recycling partners to access the battery and remove it from the iPad Air’s aluminum casing.

The Apple iPad Mini, the latest 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, the iPhone 5s, some iPad Pro models, and newer MacBook Air models also have pull tabs. In the future, Apple could possibly use a pull tab instead of firmly affixing the battery.

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