Vivaldi’s update may block cookie dialogs and banners

Vivaldi's update may block cookie dialogs and banners

Based on the “easelist” cookie list and “I don’t care about cookies”, Vivaldi has added the option to block cookie dialogs in its advertising and tracking blocker. This is supposed to save time and unnecessary clicks “so that you can do what you came for – browse”.

Vivaldi 3.8 is now available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. In addition to the cookie restriction extension, the browser also comes with a revised and more customizable look and faster bookmark settings. In addition, the mouse can be used for shortcuts and extensions can be opened using quick commands.

Vivaldi asks in blog postWill Cookie’s dialogues drive people crazy. Instead of an answer, there is an explanation as to why the lock is necessary and how it works. Although protection against the tracking of GDPR is well-intentioned, it also has side effects. Websites bother you by obtaining consent to cookies and preferences, rather than not using trackers. To do this, you will often have to click through multiple levels, including hidden options.

This is disappointing and many people click “allow” without worrying about the outcome. In addition, many pages will not work without clicks. “Vivaldi does not believe that this can be construed as” consent “; this strategy should not be allowed at all.” Therefore, the update now includes a cookie dialog lock. This means that dialog windows and banners, if possible, stay in the background or are clicked away from there. In the settings you can find the “Delete Cookie Warnings” option under the “Tracker and Add Blocker” area.

Of course, the function is not correct, as some websites still use other tracking methods. Also, if you do not agree with cookies, some pages may not be opened or may not function properly. The blocker can then be deactivated for the related page.

In the announcement, Vivaldi again states that Google’s tracking replacement FLoC in the browser is not supported.


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