Ernie Meyer reports on his adventure from Arizona to Canada at the Stadthouse

Ernie Meyer reports on his adventure from Arizona to Canada at the Stadthouse


“From Arizona to Canada – an adventurous journey by and with Ernie Meyer”: this is the title given by the well-known lecturer to his new travel report, which he commented on Sunday, January 15, 2023 at 4PM LIVE Of. S√∂rgenser Strae 31 at the Stadhaus Event Centre, Bergdorf. Viewers experience digital images and a film show. Tickets are available in advance at Blech Drucker und Stempel, Braunschweiger Strae 2, tel 05136/1862, at a cost of 13.50 euros (on the day: 15 euros).

A Journey Through the “Old West”

Accompanied by SUV cars, steam trains, Quarter Horses, Mustangs and hiking boots, Ernie Meyer embarks on an adventure through a wonderland of the surreal “Old West” and wilderness. It traverses charming landscapes and western cities as well as 16 national parks and national monuments. Accompanied by three bright Las Vegas biker girls, they ride their Harley Davidsons from Saguaro National Park to Old Town Tucson.

through Monument Valley

Ernie Meyer rides with Navajo Indians through Monument Valley in the states of Arizona and Utah on his Mustang, which looks like a live movie at sunset. From the gold rush town of Durango in Colorado, the group travels through “Rocky Mountain High” to Silverton on a gloomy steam train surrounded by clouds of smoke. She spends Saturday evenings at the Western Saloon in Durango, where she experiences “Saturday Night Fever” with Jack Daniels, country music and dance.

in Buffalo Bill’s Westtown

In Buffalo Bill’s Westerntown Cody, Ernie Meyer witnesses the thrilling “Cody-Night-Rodeo” action. He then continues his scintillating journey north towards Canada in an SUV car. Country song about “Lonely Dreamer on the Highway to Heaven” playing on the car radio. In the Bighorn Mountains on the border of Wyoming and Montana, he visits a large cattle farm with 12,000 cattle and 20 real cowboys, which is currently in branding season. Ernie Meyer with two cowgirls and six cowboys learns at sunrise at 4.30 a.m. what a cowboy’s actual work day looks like.

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breathtaking natural beauties

One of the highlights of Travel Report is certainly a hike in Yellowstone National Park, the oldest and perhaps the most beautiful of its kind, and through the adjacent Grand Teton National Park with its breathtaking natural beauty. Yellowstone Park is not only known for its waterfalls and hissing geysers, but also for its incredible wildlife. On an adventurous hike, Ernie Meyer unexpectedly encounters bears, moose, mountain goats, elk deer and the 4,000 bison that live there.

Finals at Waterton National Park

The final leg of the trip takes Ernie Meyer through Montana – “Big Sky Country” – Glacier National Park, with blue lakes reflecting green mountains. The trip culminates in the “Far North” of Waterton National Park, with an overnight stay at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Alberta, Canada.

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