EU Commission resumes proceedings against Hungary

EU Commission resumes proceedings against Hungary

The highest European Union court declared Hungarian law on illegal treatment of non-governmental organizations. But Budapest has not yet taken action. Now the European Union Commission is losing patience.

Hungary Resists according to European Union Commission A decision of the European Court of Justice on dealing with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Therefore, the Brussels Authority on Thursday initiated a new case against Hungary. Instructs the Prime Minister’s right-wing national government Viktor Orban Not one, the country faces heavy fines.

“Of European Court of Justice It was clear – the restrictions imposed by the Hungarian government on the funding of civil society organizations are not in line with EU law, “said Deputy Commissioner V Vicera Jourová. That is why this” decisive step “is now being taken. NGOs are an inescapable. Part of our democracy. “We have to support them, not fight them.” The EU Commission oversees compliance with EU law in the international community.

Violation proceedings against Hungary

The Brussels authority demanded that Hungary should now implement all necessary measures within two months to comply with the June ECJ decision. Otherwise, she can bring the case to the highest EU court again and seek financial sanctions. The new infringement proceedings against Hungary are also an indication that the European Union Commission is losing patience with the Central European country. Over the years, the EU Commission successfully sued Hungary against the European Court of Justice, often regarding asylum and Migration policy.

Now in 2017, the affected NGO law was passed. It stipulates that non-governmental organizations that receive donations from abroad must be registered with Hungarian authorities above a threshold value. Information will be published online. In addition, non-governmental organizations must state on their website and in other publications that they are “organizations supported from abroad”. According to critics, the law is aimed at US investors and major donors George soros Tailored Orbin has been campaigning against the Hungarian Holocaust survivor for years, using anti-Semitism stereotypes.

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Non-governmental organizations consider the law unconstitutional

In order to come under the non-governmental organization law, an organization must receive more than 7.2 million (about 20,500 euros) forens in a year from abroad. At the time of registration, he will also be required to indicate the number of donors who support more than 500,000 marks (about 1,500 euros).

Many NGOs falling under these provisions refuse to enforce them because they consider the law unconstitutional. So far none of them have been convicted. However, EU funding was withheld from an NGO in the education sector, which is paid for by a government agency. Following the ECJ’s decision, it was already demanding whether the organization fell under NGO law. The NGO did not do so citing NGO law being rejected.

The ECJ ruled in June that the rules were discriminatory and unfairly prohibited related organizations, but also donors. Among other things, it violates the principle of free movement of capital. It also violates, among other things, the right to respect private life and the protection of personal data.

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