Team event at World Ski Championships – Norway wins World Championship gold, Switzerland is in fourth place

Team event at World Ski Championships - Norway wins World Championship gold, Switzerland is in fourth place

Most recently dominating in this discipline, the Swiss are currently only fourth in the team event in the World Cup. Two hundreds were missing for the final.

Bissig won the last run against Norway, but it is too slow: Switzerland missed the final

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Olympics 2018 and World Cup 2019. Switzerland has been measuring everything in team events in recent years, always winning a gold medal. In Cortina, however, it was already clear after the second duel: there would be no repetition.

Shimel Bisg was the last to win his run, but then hit the ice with his ski pole. Two hundreds were missing.

So Switzerland fail in Norway in the semi-finals and it is very close. In addition to Bisig, Sandro Simont and Camille Rast started, losing their pair in the semi-finals, as they did in the previous round against Canada after being presented each by Wendy Holdner. Switzerland started with a by-election as there were only 15 teams.

A disappointment for Holdner

The defending champions had a bronze duel against Germany, which had previously failed due to Sweden. Things were repeated, Holdner defeated Emma Eicher, but then Simon and Rast lost Stephen Lutz and Andrea Filzer to the blue course.

And the only biting thing was the shaking of the head, faster than 23-year-old rival and parallel expert Alexander Schmidt, but this time the 13 hundredth was missing.

Switzerland has to do with the fourth place. To the disappointment, particularly to Holdner, there will not be a medal in this World Cup at this time, but there are still chances in the giant slalom on Thursday and the slalom on Saturday.

In the Duel for Bronze, Wendy Holdner scored the first for Switzerland against Germany.

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The final was Scandinavian. Svedes duel for the gold with the best possible team and Norwegian without Henrik Christophersen. And if somehow this curiosity is not over, Cortina will not be Cortina. Sved Christopher Jacobsen became a little too close to his opponent, Sebastian Foss-Solewag, after which he broke his run.

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So both of them were initially straightened out to compete for running again. Fosse-Solewag won his run and as teammate Fabian Wilkens Solheim defeated Matias Röngren from Sweden shortly after, Norway are the world champions of the team event.

Norway is the world champion, with Sweden securing silver and Germany securing bronze.

Only fourth place in Switzerland is ungrateful. Here is a brief summary of the race.

Norway submitted 1–0.

But now the second run will be repeated: Jacobson apparently interrupts Norwegian Fos-Solewag during the race. Now we will drive again!

Sarah Hector has now scored a point for Sweden. So 1: 1.

Now again: Fosse-Solewag against Jacobsen. And Fosse-Solewag wins the repeat. 2: 1 for Norway.

The World Championship gold medal goes to Norway in the team event!

Here we go, it’s about bronze! Holder vs Emma Eicher.

On the red course, Schwezerin wins again. 1–0 for Switzerland.

Can Simone run an innocent now? He competes against Stephen Lutz.

Simon Blue holds up well on the run, but Lutz is fast. 1 1.

Camille Rast vs Andrea Filmer. Valaisian is also driving well, but you know, she also loses on the blue course. 2: 1 for Germany.

Semyel Bissig will have to fix it again. Hope Schwyz!

It’s a shame, it’s not enough. Vicious defeated Alexander Schmidt, but again he failed by a few hundred.

Fourth place for Switzerland, Bronze for Germany.

“It will be exciting against Germany, but we have a real chance,” says Swiss ski head coach Beat Centur. It is expected that Holdner, Biseg & Co. will seize this opportunity. To be continued soon.

Sweden lead 2–1 and German final driver Stefan Luitz faces a Herculean task.

But it was difficult even after all, you can’t blame Luitz here. Sweden in the final, Germany against Switzerland for bronze.

Will the Swiss make it to the finals? Holdner starts again and he drives against Reece-Johannison.

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Our parallel race chief delivers again and gets the first point.

Slow slowly but with victory

First semi-final point for Switzerland, but Wendy Holdner is not very fast.

Sandro Simnett vs. Fabian Wilkins Solheim. Again, the 25-year-old Swiss cannot keep up and has a rough slide. Norway booked compensation.

Simonut lost the duel against Solheim

Points for Norway: Switzerland have to accept the draw in the semi-final against Norway.

Oh, Camille Rast also loses out on a weak blue course. Thea Louise Stjernesund make it 2–1 to Norway.

Then, decides to visit Simel Bissig.

Snappy wins, but Switzerland miss the final

The loss to Norway is a fact. Khinn wins, but is very slow.

No, he was close! The Bisig signifies a strong ride, but being two hundredths of a hundredth at the end is not enough.

Norway is in the final, with Switzerland fighting for bronze.

Switzerland – Norway

Germany – Sweden

Who will get the last semi-final ticket?

It is 1: 1 after two runs in an exciting duel. The slope is more and more marked in warmer temperatures.

Leipenberger presents against Alfand.

But Jacobsen saved Sweden with a great performance! Top favorite Austria is already out, Sweden in the semi-finals.

Fortunately, the difference is not as big as yesterday, but today the red course is slightly faster and therefore provides an advantage.

It is exciting among our neighbors. 1 1.

Andrea Filzer is now presenting for Germany.

And Alexander Schmid drove it home. Germany reached the semi-finals.

Who will be the Swiss face in the semi-finals?

The score is 1: 1 in half time. It remains exciting.

Dramatic decision: Fosse-Solewag slips at the final time and doesn’t bring him to the finish – but his opponent is still too slow and can’t beat the required time. Norway is ahead and rivals Switzerland.

Our greatest asset begins: Wendy Holdner measures herself against Cassidy Gray.

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Yes. Schweizer won with a lead of 22 hundreds. 1–0 for Switzerland.

Holdner brings Switzerland the first point

Schwyzerin offers no chance to Canadian Cassidy Gray.

It’s a shame, Sandro Simon got off to an unfortunate start. Canada pays compensation. 1 1.

Camille Rast also loses her duel. Despite a strong fight, she just lost to Erin Milczynski. 1: 2.

Rast is under Milezinski

Camille Rast lost to Canada. Canada presents against Switzerland.

Now Shimel Bisg has to fix it. fingers crossed.

Excellent! Bissig gains from a mistake by the Canadian and then wins under the required time. Switzerland is in the semi-finals.

Snappy makes Swiss semi-finals perfect

Shamil Bisg is faster than Jeffrey Reid and is an important point for Switzerland.

This will soon be exciting, as the Swiss intervene in action. Will you jump the hurdle of Canada?

The first knockout pair is over. The quarter-finals will continue soon:

Switzerland – Canada

Norway – USA

Germany – Italy

Austria – Sweden

In order to be clear. Austria in the role of favorite.

Leinsberger won initially with a lead of 0.98 seconds.

Gstrein has also been victorious. 2-0. The time of the Austrians is not yet outstanding. Are they coming back against this opponent or what is in it with our neighbors today?

And then the duality is fixed. Austria meets Sweden in the quarter-finals.

Balanced start. Swedish Sarah Hector wins the duel first, but then Slovenian Roque Aznoh wins. 1 1.

The Swedes decide the last two races for themselves. Slovenia are eliminated.

The Germans were present with Andrea Filer and Alexander Schmidt. 2-0.

Alex Tilley short for Great Britain. 1: 2. The duality of men has to be decided.

Oops, Billy Major started messing up and leading the Germans to victory.

Germany will take on Italy in the quarter-finals.

Oh, the Italian falls in the first duel! Lara della Maya falls and grabs her knee. Hopefully nothing bad happens. He is now being treated on the slope, it will not do for him.

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Still: 1-0 to Finland.

Torsti defeated Borsotti. 2–0 for Finland. Now Italy is challenged.

Pirovano can do it! It became 1: 2.

And then D’Aliprandini throws everything into balance! The Italian also wins their duel and reduces the time required. Italy is on the run for a place in the quarter-finals.

Things really happen here in quick succession. Well-known ski racers run almost every minute. Are you still keeping

Norway started well. 2-0.

If Rias-Johannison wins now, it is already decided.

And she does it confidently. The Japanese are already slow, then make another mistake and are far behind.

Norway will meet USA in the quarter-finals.

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