Europe and America warn Iran to violate more

Europe and America warn Iran to violate more

Germany, France, Great britain And this America Take Iran Warned of further violations of the international nuclear deal. Government in Tehran Foreign ministers of four countries announced on Thursday after deliberations Paris. He called it a “dangerous decision” by Iran to restrict international nuclear inspectors’ access to part of its facilities.

The three European foreign ministers and their new American ally Antony Blinken had previously discussed how Iran policy could be coordinated transatlantic again in the future. In the declaration, he reaffirmed a common interest in maintaining the nuclear non-proliferation regime and “to ensure that Iran can never develop nuclear weapons”. One is ready to continue with China and Russia To talk about this subject. With a view to the United States, it is emphasized: ┬╗If Iran fully re-complies with its JCPoA obligations, the USA will hold on. The US is ready to begin negotiations with Iran. “

Iran should again allow control by the International Atomic Energy Agency. E3 and the US also expressed concerns over recent measures by Iran to produce 20% enriched uranium and uranium metal. “There is no credible civil justification for these measures,” it says. Ministers also called on Iran to release all “arbitrarily detained citizens” of their countries.

Heeco Mass Iran alleged that it was difficult for the US to return to the international nuclear deal before the meeting. Iran “is clearly not dependent on exemptions, but is on the rise. It is playing with fire,” said the SPD politician. Chancellor Angela Merkel Talked on the phone with Iranian President Hassan Ruhani on Thursday.

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The US backed out of the nuclear deal under Trump and imposed sanctions. New president Joe Biden If Tehran adheres to the guidelines, the agreement is not ruled out. Iran, on the other hand, demands the removal of sanctions first.

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