Spain: Former King Juan Carlos pays four million euros in taxes

Spain: Former King Juan Carlos pays four million euros in taxes

Former spanish king Juan Carlos According to media reports, the tax authorities have paid another four million euros to prevent criminal proceedings for tax evasion. This is the report of Spanish newspapers »world“And”country«.

Along with the voluntary back payment, Juan Carlos repaid a tax debt, resulting in approximately eight million euros, »el pas«. A foundation transferred funds to them by 2018, among other things to pay for personal visits.

A lawyer for the former king confirmed the origin of the reports. Accordingly, Juan Carlos paid 4,395,901.96 Euros.

Juan Carlos paid thousands of euros to the state in December

In December, the retired king had already paid 678,000 euros to the tax authorities for other undisclosed income. It was about years of credit card usage that was made available to him by a Mexican entrepreneur, according to media reports. Royal house in Madrid The king takes in such personal matters of Felipe VI’s father. Status never.

Juan Carlos left his country more than six months ago following allegations of corruption and the judiciary launched an investigation. Since then, Juan Carlos has lived in the desert Abu Dhabi in exile. He is close friends with local Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahjan. The Old King stated through his lawyer that he was still available to the Spanish judiciary abroad.

The Supreme Court in June began an investigation into the former head of state on suspicion of tax fraud and money laundering. For the four decades in which he was king, Juan Carlos enjoyed immunity. However, after his exemption in June 2014, the Supreme Court could have made him stand in the dock for any crime.

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Criticism also from Prime Minister Sanchez

In the house, Juan Carlos is criticized. The son and successor Felipe has already withdrawn his allowance of 200,000 Euros from Juan Carlos, with the monarch’s opponents growing themselves.

Left minister Alberto Garzon wrote on Friday Twitter Of dark and illegal financial movements. The ease with which millions and millions of euros have gone and hidden is astonishing. Vice President and Podemos boss Pablo Iglesias retweeted Garzon’s post.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez came to the press that afternoon and condemned the former king’s “rude” behavior. At the same time he defended his son Felipe. It is not a question that is a monarchy, but a person’s behavior, Sánchez said. Felipe VI behave in an exemplary way.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo took the payment of the ex-king as evidence Spain “A working country” that “holds all citizens accountable”. Nobody in Spain is above the law.

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