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Just a few days ago, hit star Stephen Mace (47) and TV star Evelyn Burdecki (34) were spotted at a club in Warsaw. Now both are traveling together in Munich.

Munich – in a picture pop scene Caused a lot of discussion: just a few weeks after the separation from Anna-Carina Wojciech appeared Stefan Maros at the Explosion Club in Warsaw Very familiar and close to Evelyn Burdecki. Stefan Miros was silent about the rumors of love, and Evelyn Berdecki also did not comment on the photo.

Stefan Maros flirts with Evelyn Burdecki at club – ex indirectly alleges

The “Always Sunday” star and the TV blonde shot together for Sat.1 “Märchenstunden”. A welcome change for Stefan Måras, who has to read about his new friend, his ex Anna-Carina Wojciech, every day. But that’s not all: told last Anna-Carina Wojciech said she was very restricted by Stefan,

On Monday, Evelyn Burdecki, who, like Stefan Måras, is officially single, traveled by plane to Munich, very close to Stefan Måras’ hometown of Traunstein. Burdecki and Maros are traveling together to the Bavarian state capital, rehearsing “Stars in the Menage”.

After flirting in the club: Evelyn Berdecki and Stefan Mraz together in Munich

The Sat.1 show will be recorded on December 8 and 10, 2022 at Circus Krone. “Circus director” Jörg Pilava and “circus director” Jana Ina Zarella will lead two shows together. together with Judith Williams (51) is being named as Stephen Maras (46) To make the audience laugh. Always close to the ring: Evelyn Burdecki. According to the organizer, she “shouldn’t move” for her performance.

Stefan Mace and Evelyn Bardecki flirt together in a club in Warsaw. Now they meet again in Munich. © Instagram Evelyn Burdecki

Mross and Burdecki meet professionally in Munich: what happens afterwards?

After the re-meeting, Schlager fans must wonder if Miros and Berdecki will be moving houses together again once the work is done. If you want to see the two singles live at “Stars in der Manege”: tickets for both recordings are available from 19 Euros.

Pop singer Anna-Carina Wojciech is already a new friend of Stefan Miros ex. Hit star Stephen Moss ripped off a few days ago and cut his ex out of his life: Trump deleted all photos taken together on Instagram, sources used: Instagram Evelyn Burdecki, Circus Krone

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