Tour from Youth Welfare Office! Shock for summer house couple Mike Seuss-Monbolijn and Michelle Monbolijno

Tour from Youth Welfare Office!  Shock for summer house couple Mike Seuss-Monbolijn and Michelle Monbolijno


15. November 2021 – 19:39 Watch

Mike Seuss-Monbolijn was always a topic of conversation at Summer House

As Mike Siege-Monbolijn wrote in the previous season of “The Summer House of the Stars” (All episodes can be seen on RTL+) Empathy is not able to collect points. Time and again he appeared quick-witted, decisive and controlled in dealing with his wife Michelle, And the word came up over and over again in reference to Mike and Michelle “Toxic Relationship”, Now the shock: Shortly after the telecast of Summer House, the Youth Welfare Office is at your doorstep. Since Michelle is the mother of two children, Mike is her stepfather. In the video, you can see that this not only causes renewed squabbles in the couple but also brings in a horrific trauma in the 42-year-old from his childhood.

Michelle Monbolijn has to show she’s a good mother

At the moment, only one thing matters to Michelle Monblijn: she must prove to the youth welfare office that she is a good mother to her two children. He has ten-year-old Ann Jolie and three-year-old Lizan Jazz from a previous relationship. Quite unexpectedly, the former Summer House candidate received a letter from the Office of Youth Welfare a few days ago. It’s about a potential danger to her and the kids who live with Mike. Apparently a viewer of the show has informed the authorities. A blow and a huge burden for Michelle. “Every mother can understand that when you get a letter from the youth welfare office, at first it really hurts,” she tells us in an interview. Mike has a clear opinion on this as well: “The youth welfare office only reacted so quickly because we were at the summer house and because there were some scenes that made people feel bad.”

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Mike and Michelle doing couples therapy

in spite of all the difficulties Mike and Michelle want to fight for each other and together. They are also currently doing couple therapy to get their relationship problems under control. Maybe one day to have children together. But only time will tell whether this will solve their problems.

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