Duchess Kate and Prince William want to conclude

Duchess Kate and Prince William want to conclude

The protests coincided with Prince William and Duchess Kate’s trip to the Caribbean. The royal couple has had enough and no longer wants to play. A lot is about to change in the royal family.

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Prince William And Duchess Kate It is believed that the royal family wants to make changes. After their arduous journey through the Caribbean, which was overshadowed by protests, two British media reports now want to go their own way. It could also mean they break the royals’ traditional rules – not the least of which is the Queen’s mantra: “Never complain, never explain”.

According to the Daily Mail, after a week-long tour of Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas, the couple solidified their view that the monarchy must be “resilient” to survive and thrive. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s performance in the former British colonies has been criticized for being “insensitive”.

New rules for the coming generation

In the future, the two apparently want to organize themselves differently. An unnamed source told The Sun: “William and Kate will modernize the way they do things. It’s a breath of fresh air.” The alleged insider also said that the attacks during the visit injured him. In future they wanted to make their own rules. “They’re trying to figure out what it might look like. It’s not a criticism of how it’s been done in the past. But times are changing.”

Duchess Kate and Prince William visited Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas for a week. (source: Getty Images)

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According to the “Daily Mail”, Prince William had already held critical talks with high-ranking staff during his tour of the Caribbean. He told his advisors that he would have to bring his own opinion and deal with issues such as compensation for the injustices of slavery.

historical statement

At the end of the journey the grandson is gone Queen Elizabeth II. In a statement on the protests that coincided with the royal tour. “I know this visit has focused even more on questions about the past and the future. In Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas, it is the job of the people to make decisions about the future. But we have really worked with all communities. Enjoyed spending time learning more about the three countries and the issues that matter most to them,” said William.

He continued: “Katherine and I are dedicated to serving others. For us, it doesn’t mean telling people what to do. It’s about serving them and supporting them in the ways that we do.” Think we’re the best, we’re using the platform we’re using. Lucky.” Prince William standing behind prince charles Second in line to the British throne, he also said: “I am not concerned with who the Commonwealth chooses to lead its family in the future.” He and his wife value the Commonwealth family’s ability to create a better future for the people who make it up. Equally important to them is “our commitment to serve and support as much as we can.”

clear words

Such candid words from Prince William may happen more often in the future. “He certainly won’t speak regularly, but he believes if the monarchy has anything to say he should say it,” a source told the Daily Mail. The insider added, William “doesn’t criticize the Queen in any way, quite the opposite. He totally admires her and has learned a lot from her,” but he sees how it will be in 40 years. He wants the monarchy to remain a unifying force that can bridge the gap.”

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Listen to the people William. “He really does and he has a very clear vision for the future.” He is very open to “what is modern and relevant”. He wants to take his grandmother’s success in his own way and build it in his own way.

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