Annoys paid GTA+ fans

Annoys paid GTA+ fans

On March 29, Rockstar introduced GTA+, a paid add-on service for “GTA Online”. However, many players have not given a good response to the new subscription.

Rockstar Developers recently announced a new add-on service for GTA Online. Starting March 29, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S . player on GTA+ Agree to. The service is chargeable and will cost €5.99 per month. In return, however, players must receive 500,000 GTA dollars and special rewards every month.

Some “GTA” players are less excited about Rockstar’s latest idea. They are currently venting their frustrations with the additional service on social media.

Players GTA+ . afraid of the effects of

Some gamers are outraged that GTA 5 has been such a huge success for so many years and Rockstar still wants to find ways for users to pour even more cash into the title. More than 160 million copies of “GTA 5” have already been sold. this month only next gen version of the game Released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. “GTA 5” has already been released for the third generation consoles.

Other players fear that developers may now use GTA+ to give customers early access to future updates or put them behind a paywall entirely. Another user is concerned that the launch of a subscription service could negatively affect rewards in GTA Online.

On Twitter, a user writes, “Dr. Peter Fleming’s Psy.D said that the success of GTA Online was one of the worst things that ever happened to gaming. The professional goes ahead and apologizes to the developers: “If you, as a developer, have any decency and respect for your fans, say so [GTA+] Please come out and apologize to your community.”

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But not all players find the new subscription model bad. One user writes that the service is perfect for players like him. He doesn’t have enough time to commit a robbery in GTA Online. He did contact missions just for fun and barely made GTA $500,000 a month.

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