“Goodbye Germany” Stars Oksana And Daniel Suffer From Separation

"Goodbye Germany" Stars Oksana And Daniel Suffer From Separation

Updated 07/12/2022 06:54

  • Papa Daniels has had a difficult balancing act after the Kolenichenko family moved to “Goodbye Germany” in Las Vegas.
  • Keeping LA Nightclubs Running While Rebooting the Family? complicated!
  • And then the moving container was gone.

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Finally getting some rest, he was really planning to impress and “goodbye germany“-Star Oksana Kolenichenko (34) When, with Vox cameras, she moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with her husband Danielle (40) and their children Milan (7) and Ariel (5). But with peace he was not far away.

On the one hand, the family initially had to live in an Airbnb accommodation, on the other hand, the couple had Las Vegas He hadn’t bagged any new projects yet and was dependent on income from his party restaurant The Next Door Lounge in LA, where things got to be checked regularly. Just ten days after the move, Daniels traveled to the old adopted country for the first time, which shed warm tears especially for daughter Ariel when she said goodbye. “If you cry, I will cry too,” Oksana was infected with a sad mood. “We’ve been together 24 hours a day for the past year and a half,” she told the camera crew. It was “just the crazy feeling that he’s not there”.

Daniel also found it difficult to separate from his wife and children: it was “a tragedy” that he had to juggle so much between job and family. “It is just a crisis in life that we have to go through,” concluded Daniel. After all, business at his club that evening was sensational: “We do double the business in a day when we acquired Next Door Lounge in the first month,” he said with delight and fascination. “It’s just indescribable what’s going on here.” However, the fact that he could not share the happiness with his loved one took a toll on him: “I just love him. And we share a lot of sadness – so we deserve to share the joy together.” He imagined everything to be easy.

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Money ‘Doesn’t Matter’ in Las Vegas

There is even greater joy when we meet again in front of the 200 square meter dream home that the family is soon moving in. But soon his German friend Franz Kollinger, who had lived in Las Vegas for decades and had come to greet him, soon shattered all illusions of conquering the party city’s nightlife: “It’s going to be tough,” He began with caution, only to elaborate later. ,

Living life as a married couple since 2012: Oksana and Daniil Kolenichenko.

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A new day club recently opened in Las Vegas: “It costs 500 million in production costs alone. Money doesn’t matter here. And if you think you can march here and take business from them.” , even if it’s just the little customers, the little ones are the guests: they eat you!” Franz Daniels spoke at his discretion. Daniel must find his place if he wants to survive in Las Vegas. Oksana did not want to be frightened – you just had to imagine that everything would come together: “Never give up!”

Oksana: “I’m completely frightened right now”

Then came the next blow: the container with the Kolenichenkos’ furniture and moving boxes had not yet arrived as agreed. “When things end, we’re just on A…”, complained Oksana. The family had lost their collectibles once before. Should this happen again? Apparently not, but it will take another ten days for everything to come, and that too was too much for Oksana: “I’m completely terrified right now!”

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This time Daniel remained calm: “Honey, something like this happens when we walk.” And yes, eventually everything really did come through. However, the next problem immediately arose: of the five booked movers, two were canceled at short notice, one did not arrive at all, which Daniels found “typically American”. But with the support of the camera team, everything went well in the end. Now only a new party space was needed, then the Kolenichenkos would finally be able to live out their American dream in Las Vegas.

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