“Who steals the show from me?”: Joko wins – someone else gets the award – TV

"Who steals the show from me?": Joko wins - someone else gets the award - TV

This is probably the craziest game show on German TV right now and so is “Who Steals the Show?” on ProSieben. The current season of Come to an end – with lots of chaos and an unexpected finale!

Moderator Jocko Winterschild opened the last show with fireworks, bangers and heroic music – he even presented a text in English by William Shakespeare! What Joko really wanted to say with the preface to “Romeo and Juliet” was not explained by the moderator. Just plain drama! At the end of the interlude, the returning moderator merely murmured: “Dad is home again.”

This time an actress missing from the rate panel: Rapper Shireen David (26) injured her ankle during the rehearsals of the last edition. Then diagnosis: ankle fracture, no show. Joko lied: “Attention: you must not be visible.” Actress Palina Rosinski (36), who was a part of the team last season, stepped in in no time.

Another surprise: Comedian Teddy Teklebran (37) was not knocked out in the first round at first, but eagerly collected points. For a short time he also stole the show’s moderation in “Percy”, his role in the game “Buzzer Hour” and referred to Jocko for the Rat Place – pure show chaos!

Teddy later reappears as Percy and, instead of leaving the studio after his defeat, angered everyone involved: “I’ll tell you something, Joko, you can’t get me out!” Even Joko easily lost her cool, trying to say goodbye to the chaotic comedian: “Percy, at the risk of upsetting me, but we’ll head to the finale, and you’re not there anymore. “

As always, in the previous editions of one season, the candidates could not win the moderation of the next show. Instead, it was about the cover image of a puzzle booklet that will be available in stores starting Wednesday. After Jocko won the final against Palina, the audience saw him with a print-ready Jocko puzzle booklet. In fact!

Because then the moderator shocked everyone with a statement:

“Shireen David is not here today and I feel wrong of me printing this ugly face on my magazine now. Shireen, you were there the whole time today, you are an incredibly cool woman, we all loved you in our hearts.” I have taken it, we wish you all the best from our heart. The cover will not be there, I will give you my cover.”

The cover turned on the screen, suddenly Shireen David’s picture appeared: “You’re the one on ‘Shirin’s weird puzzle carousel’!” What a beautiful gesture.

However, there were no real surprises hours before the broadcast: Broadcaster ProSieben announced via Twitter that “who is stealing the show from me” in 2022? The third season of

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