Micro-electric car Microlino “A complete womancar”


Wim Ouboter has been successfully selling kick scooters with the Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems for many years. He now wants to make the Microlino mini electric car even bigger with his sons. After several delays, the model should finally launch this year. For 2022, the entrepreneurial family is targeting a five-digit production figure on the back of the project. with portal next movement Wim Oboter said about the plans.

“Our cars are very big, very heavy and very complex – whether they have internal combustion or electric drive,” said in the late fifties. “15 electric motors for one seat alone and 2,500kg of technology to move 75kg of people – the proportionality looks different”. With the Microlino based on the original Isetta, Oboteurs takes a different approach.

The 2.43 meter short, 1.50 meter high and 1.45 meter wide e-mobile which has a seating capacity of two people has been reduced. An electric motor with 11 kW (15 PS) at the rear accelerates the Microlino, which weighs just 510 kg, to 50 km/h in five seconds and up to 90 km/h ahead. Depending on the battery pack used, up to 200 kilometers per charge should be possible according to the WLTP standard. What might bother some potential buyers is the lack of airbags. As a light vehicle in the L7e category, the Microlino is subject to various regulations and requirements, so there is no ESP. According to the report, at least the airbags will be offered at an additional cost later.

A pre-production copy of the Microlino

The Microlino can be traced back to an eventful history. Actually it should have already been delivered a legal battle But stopped it. After clarification, Oboteurs decided to undergo a massive overhaul of their electric car. was in june third prototype of vehicle production intended for series production. The final edition is to be seen this September at the IAA Mobility Trade Fair in Munich. Soon after, first deliveries are planned for prices starting at 12,500 euros. For the coming year, production partner CECOMP in Italy plans to produce 10,000 Microlinos per year.

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Men especially want to remain owners of representative, large or sporty vehicles. Manufacturers of electric cars are aware of this too, which is why many of them rely exclusively on dynamic resolutions. Wim Ouboter advertises that the Microlino can steal the show from any Maserati or Mercedes: “The car is an absolute ladies’ car that scores better with women than any sports car.”

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