Forest fires in France: One dead in a massive forest fire near Saint-Tropezzo

Forest fires in France: One dead in a massive forest fire near Saint-Tropezzo

In case of a huge fire in the forest south france At least one person died. The province spoke of a fatal incident. Radio station France Bleu Provence reports that it is a nearly 50-year-old man who was found dead at his home in the municipality of Grimaud, west of the popular seaside resort of Saint-Tropez.

In the Mediterranean, fire brigades battled the flames, Around 1200 emergency services and firefighting aircraft were in action.. Thousands had to spend the night in emergency shelters. Previously there were also many camp sites in the wooded hinterland. tropics of france Emptyed. There are many holidaymakers in this area.

In the past few weeks, wildfires had increased in the Mediterranean region. Specially Greece was badly affected. Local and international firefighters continue to fight an uncontrolled forest and bushfire west of the capital Athens. On Tuesday, several nearby cities were ordered to be evacuated. According to media reports, this is a kilometer long fire front on Monday evening near Vilia village. The smoke from the fire is so strong that you can see it in satellite images. is the situation as dramatic or was it Turkeyhandjob Italy And Algeria.

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On the other hand, good news emerges Israel: a huge forest fire to the west of Jerusalem Was removed after about three days. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the Minister of Homeland Security, Omar Bar-Lev. The fire broke out on Sunday and spread despite intensive efforts by the fire department and the use of firefighting aircraft. According to media reports, this has happened due to drought and strong winds.

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According to the police, thousands of people had to leave their homes. The military supported the evacuation measures with helicopters. According to the Prime Minister, many homes went to different villages Naftali Bennett in flames. At times it was feared that the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem would have to be evacuated.

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