“Let’s Dance”: former professional pylori juror for body shaming

"Let's Dance": former professional pylori juror for body shaming

Following the latest version of “Let’s Dance”, Joachim Lambi is once again under criticism. Build: Getty Images Europe-Pool / Andreas Rentz

Bodyshaming in “Let’s Dance”: Ex-Professional Pilar The Juror

Joachim Llambi is known as the “Let’s Dance” juror who does not mimic words and sometimes barely tackles candidates. However, he is often criticized for his decisions. The now 56-year-old professional dancer was a subject in the “Dance or Not at All” podcast by Ona Nechity and Erich Klan – and did not take off well.

Encouragement was an abusive Comment Lambis on the waist circumference of candidate Nicholas Pushman in the latest episode. Erich and Ona quickly realized that the jury had not made disparaging remarks about the already fully formed comments Body Was created

Professionals called bodyshaming a “let’s dance”

With Nicholas’s point of view, Joachim Lambie recently talked about “Belly That, Thank God, Originally Not There Now” in “Let’s Dance”. “I didn’t think it was so good that Joachim said about his stomach,” Eric began the topic in the podcast. He rated the judge’s words as “inappropriate”. His colleague agreed and said:

Nicholas Puschman and Vadim Gurbuzov were heavily criticized by Lambi in a previous “Let’s Dance” broadcast. Image: DPA / Rolf Weinbernd

In “Let’s Dance”, Ona named Mighty Kelly and Faisal Kavusi as positive examples. Even in the international versions of the show, there were already contestants who “didn’t have a six-pack” and still danced “incredibly well”. “A Joachim really needs to know”Ona added. Further: “Somehow I was surprised. I don’t understand that at all.”

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In the end she was clearly irritated in the direction of the Duisburg original, as she “does not own a six-pack”. Erich then added: “Dance is global Language: Hindi. Everyone should dance “. Ona can only agree, noting that the latest comment about Nicholas was” not the first time “Lalli had approached the reality star because of her body shape.

Today was very clear, but one or two programs earlier had a hint: ‘Your stomach, your stomach’. Now it really came to the fore. “, Said the 33-year-old in this regard. And finally Erich once again confirmed:” A belly shouldn’t really get in the way of dancing. “

“Uneducated”? Ex-“Let’s Dance” Professionals Fight Back

In the podcast, the two also talked about their criticism of professional dancer Patricija Belousova, as expressed in the previous issue. Patricija’s partner Alexandru Ionel apparently didn’t like it at all. Alex took statements about Patricija “very personally”, revealed Eric, who in turn is not at all happy about it. After all, the podcast is not intended to be a personal attack on anyone.

In particular, he also ran a social media post from Alex, in which Alex accused critics of being “uneducated”. “If you haven’t read, are you uneducated or what? What kind of argument is this?“, Asked Erich. At this point, Ona frowned that she had made a conscious decision not to study dentistry because she wanted to dance. She simply saw herself” more “in this artistic world than her own. Counting could count on the support of the environment

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Then Erich finally added again: “I think someone is more educated when they identify what they want to do with passion and how they manage to please others with their passion: ‘I Now I have become a lawyer or a dentist ‘”. Education It would eventually mean creating something and being “masters everywhere”.


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