Nava Bike with Bi-Battery: Slightly Different Cafe Racer

Nava Bike with Bi-Battery: Slightly Different Cafe Racer

Nava-bike with bi-battery
A Few Different Cafe Racers

Supercaps are set to revolutionize battery technology in the future. Battery expert Nava is now showing what it might look like with future cafe racers. Not only does it look stylish, but it also charges fast and goes much further with less battery.

Battery specialist Nawa Technologies intends to build its electric motorcycle Nawa-Racer, which will be presented as a ready-to-drive prototype at 2020 CES as a design study. The French are receiving support from technology partners from their home country as well as from Great Britain.

Fired by Supercaps, the Nava-Racer should also be able to charge especially quickly.

(Photo: Nava)

At CES, the futuristic cafe racer created a buzz with its elegant and clean look, but more important was its hybrid battery, which includes the classic lithium cell and supercapacitors. These supercaps can absorb and release particularly fast electric charge, which has several advantages: being healthy, they store more power than normal lithium batteries, increasing efficiency and range and enabling better acceleration is. They also allow light batteries to be built without losing limits.

150 to 300 km range

In the case of the Nava-Racer, the lithium battery is 9 kWh, which ensures a range of 150 km. With the help of a 10 kg supercap with a capacity of only 0.1 kWh, the range window should be extended up to 300 km, at least in urban use. The 100 hp electric motor enables a top speed of 160 km / h and speeds up to 100 km / h within three seconds. By the way, the Nawa Racer’s electric motor is in a ring in the rear wheel and optionally produces a unit with spoke and hubless rim.

Nawa Technologies wants to create a ready-to-drive version by summer. However, the company currently does not want to go into series production with a stylish e-bike. With their ready-to-drive prototype, the French want to showcase the performance of their hybrid battery technology with a minimum of supercap.

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