Edeka, Rewe, Aldi and Netto: card payments no longer possible

Edeka, Rewe, Aldi and Netto: card payments no longer possible

Many supermarkets, discounters and other retailers have been reporting technical problems since Tuesday morning (May 24, 2022). Card payment interruption at the checkout. The problem is currently happening across Germany.

So far, for example, in the branches of Aldi, Edeka, Reeve, Neto, Rossmann and DM One such disruption was when customers wanted to pay for their purchases by card. The disruption continued on Thursday morning (05/26/2022). Customers in the German retail sector still occasionally face problems when paying with Giro or credit cards.

Card payment at supermarket has been canceled due to disruption

supermarket chain consumption was already on facebook on tuesday afternoon failure warning: “Attention, an important notice for you! Due to widespread disruption in Germany, no card payments are currently possible in our stores.” both are affected EC and bank cards With all Credit Card, was before focus online Told about it.

The problem is not with the card itself, but with readers, which can no longer forward data. Payment Service Providers and Responsible People software provider The solution should already be worked on.

According to the Federal Association of German Banks, this is a typical terminal. Manufacturer Verifone, ie type H5000. However, it is only used sporadically in Germany. At the moment it is not clear how long the disruption will last. A spokesperson for financial services provider Concardis said the affected dealers Card readers do not restart themselves should do. The devices must also be connected to the power supply and network, This is the only way the manufacturer can solve the problem. on the portal “” Was visa client It was also told that his card did not work while making payment at gas station or ATM.

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Software update to resolve malfunction issue

“The disturbance continues,” said a spokesman for Financial Services Provider Concardis on Thursday afternoon. “We continue to wait for signals from VeriFone.” A spokesperson for the payment service provider made a similar statement. Payone,

that American company commented for the first time on Thursday about the problems and solution announced, A Verifone Germany spokesperson said, “We will soon provide our customers with a software update to fix the problem and we will notify our customers as soon as it becomes available.” Of Terminal Type H5000 According to the information, it is mainly used in Germany. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on this with the highest priority fix the problem,

According to Payone, the reason for the disruption was a . is certificate error Within some versions provided by Verifone Software, The payment service provider does not expect that the announced software update can be implemented quickly because – according to previous information – manual intervention is required at the terminals. “This complex process therefore cannot be done ad-hoc in the field, but will take a long time,” it said. We want to support our customers with this.

Notify in advance if there is a mistake

In general, customers should pay attention to the appropriate signs or announcements in supermarkets, or directly address potential disruption to employees if they don’t do enough cash with you.

Unlike supermarkets and discounters, gas stations can take pawns until the cost is settled. These include your identity card, driver’s license or health insurance card. Here too the customers should inquire with the employees in advance.

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Providers of alternative payment methods – such as by QR code – See yourself stronger than the event. As announced by consulting company ZIIB, QR systems work without any terminal hardware. So you can avoid loss of sale in this way.

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