Volocopter shows four-seat Voloconnect air cab

Volocopter shows four-seat Voloconnect air cab

Air taxi developer Volocopter has introduced another high-flyer model intended to complement the “ecosystem for urban air mobility”. The Voloconnect should have a greater range than the Volocity multicopter and connect the suburbs with the cities.

The Voloconnect has a “hybrid lift” and a “push design”, as the Volocopter says; That is, the wings and two drive nozzles are combined with six rotors for climbing and descent. This should allow up to four passengers – with current battery technology – to be electrically transported at a speed of 180 km / h on a maximum of 100 km of routes. The Small Multicopter Volocity has a range of 35 km and a top speed of 110 km / h.

The Munich Volocopter team is working under the direction of Chief Engineer Sebastian Mores According to their own information For more than two years, filed several patents on and for the aircraft. Scaled prototypes of Voloconnect have already been flown.

The Volocopter flew over Singapore for the first time in October 2019.
(Build: Volokopter / Nikolay Kazakov)

In addition to passenger aircraft, Volocopter also provides drones for the transportation of loads. The overall concept, called Volcopters Urban Air Mobility, involves the creation of take-off and landing areas – called Volloports – as well as integration into cities’ air traffic control systems. The company works with partners such as Frankport Airport operator Fraport to define ground and passenger processes and coordinate with officials.

Volocopter considers that multicopters are better suited to inner city traffic than traditional helicopters due to lower complexity, lower noise, and greater safety. Voloconnect will probably be faster than Volocity, bringing it up to 75 dB (A) at a distance of 30 meters, so it is more likely to move out of the city.

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