Jeep Grand Cherokee: Bernd’s Best Friend

Jeep Grand Cherokee: Bernd's Best Friend

IIn previous life we ​​were investment bankers. in Luxembourg. Our boss’s name was Bernd, a cheerful fellow with an alert mind. They knew interest rates were going up or down before they themselves knew it. Bernd was in America for a long time and was not compromising on one thing: his Jeep Have to go

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So it was that a beautiful Cherokee stood in the narrow streets, and if there had been an even more monumental Grand Back, he would certainly have taken it. We used to find the car big and lame and thirsty, when it was big and lame and thirsty. But so sovereign and calm.

The 80-year-old brand is committed to freedom, adventure, passion and authenticity, and the Grand Cherokee is already 30 years old. Seven million units sold, now the next generation follows. Americans are giving you lots of modern technology for comfort and safety, but only one drive. Product Management says, “Diesel has seen its heyday, although an economical and high-torque compression-ignition engine would probably be the first choice in such a vehicle. But it doesn’t have the mood and the rules, and therefore only 380 hp, A plug-in hybrid with 640 Nm and 17.3 kWh battery is planned.

Clear lines show austere elegance.

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Clear lines show austere elegance. The interior, permeated by a powerful console, breathes high standards. It has a passenger screen, ambient lighting and music from the Macintosh. Gear selection is through a rotary wheel, with five driving programs ensuring progress. Four-wheel drive has its electric contribution, something so difficult to digest for off-road fans, but the Jeep promises crisp climbing prowess.

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