“You’ll Never See Me Again”: Disgusted Reeve Customer Turns To Edeka After This Scene

"You'll Never See Me Again": Disgusted Reeve Customer Turns To Edeka After This Scene

There are many reasons why people are disappointed at the supermarket. The now-reeve-customer thing is something special.

Offenbach – Disgusting or annoying finds can be made when opening groceries in the supermarket – or at home. Be the frog in the edka salad. Loads of mold in soup greens. Or meat where it is not. The fact that a Reeve customer now hates the supermarket she previously trusted is rather special. And to understand this somehow you have to be an avid football fan.

Reeve visitors won’t get any Kickers fan articles in Offenbach and get stinky

A few days ago he visited the Reeve Center in Offenbach, took three photos and wrote: “Not a single Kicker product in the store far and wide, no scarves, no shirts, nothing.” Instead, lines and lines of fan articles from First Division club Eintracht Frankfurt, as the pictures show. He himself likes the Fourth Division Kickers Offenbach (OFC) and writes: “You hate me.” He is not alone with this, he gets 40 likes. “Indecisiveness,” writes one user. Another issue Reeve and “Rain???” asks for.

Edeka shelf with OFC articles: Fan bids Rave farewell

A few days later, Edeka turned off the OFC fan. And his recent supermarket observation astounded him: an entire shelf brimming with Kickers merch! “The Official Offenbacker Kickers Fan Shop” can be read there. There are pennants, slippers, bemble, cups and a crazy toy along with the OFC shirt.

After that, Reeve probably saw her for the last time. “Well, I’ve always liked Edeka better than Reeve,” he writes. “You’ll never see me again,” he adds to Reeve and then uses an insult we don’t want to repeat here. It is not known whether he bought anything or not. The Rev didn’t say anything in the beginning either. But it was probably a bit about theory.

Incidentally, fans of both Hessen clubs will rejoice from the IPPEN.media network on fnp.de: Everything is here for unity, And All about OFC, You are welcome. (TZD)

Rubric List Image: © Twitter

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