Glass Bulb Spotted With Philips Hue

Glass Bulb Spotted With Philips Hue

From Klaus Ludwig ,
Three dimmable bulbs with glass bodies have been seen on Amazon. All three lights come from Philips Hue and are suitable for smart homes.

The special feature of smart lamps is that they can be controlled via Bluetooth or WLAN. For example, a. with Amazon Echo And the Alexa app creates routines that turn on the lights at a certain time or with a voice command. The brand is perhaps the most famous representative of network lamps Philips Hue by signal. Now advance to New LightGuide series released, These are glass body dimmable bulbs for the E27 base.

Glass bodies serve as lampshades

According to the listing on Amazon, prices should start at 75 euros. According to the website, there are three versions. With a height of eight centimeters and a width of five centimeters, these are large glass bodies that also act as lampshades. The Hue lamps are said to offer up to 500 lumens of light and can be controlled via Bluetooth or Zigbee. Philips Hue Lightguide could be officially unveiled at IFA 2022.

Starting autumn 2022, all previously released and all new Philips Hue products will support the cross-brand IoT standard Matter. The Philips Hue Bridge will be receiving a firmware update for this. In June, the Dutch company had a New hall lamp and a small table lamp Presented with a wooden stand. inside apartment You can configure when the sunrise should occur, how long the effect lasts and how bright the lamp should be.

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The New Light Guide Collection from Philips Hue:

  • Glass bodied dimmable bulbs have been seen on Amazon for the E27 base. All three models come from Philips Hue and make up the LightGuide series.
  • The glass body eight centimeters high and five centimeters wide also serves as a lampshade.
  • Prices are said to start at 75 euros. The lamps could be officially unveiled at IFA 2022.

Source: hueblog

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