Space Action RPG with procedurally generated open world

Space Action RPG with procedurally generated open world

From Jonathan Harsh ,
Star Valor is an interesting sci-fi role-playing game in which to explore an entire galaxy. Several factions await in the vastness of space, which can become either allies or enemies.

Summers are getting hotter and drier, and the only way for humanity to finally become space. And then? Humans have been nearly wiped out by an alien species and all survivors have been enslaved. At least that’s how the potential Steam hit star Valor attracts the future. In the action RPG, players take control of a spaceship and can explore a vast, procedurally generated galaxy. It is important to mine asteroids, trade, manufacture weapons in the open world and of course there are many battles waiting for all adventurers.

This is how Star Valor plays

Every beginning is small. But gradually, players form a network of allies who work with them to complete a variety of missions. Many obstacles await in space, from hostile aliens to other aspiring adventurers to the vastness of space. But with enough perseverance and skill, players can make it “from none to the biggest name in the galaxy.” Some of the interesting features of Star Valor are as follows:

  • Dynamic, easy to learn combat system
  • build your own weapons
  • Over 140 different items to equip
  • More than 60 different spacecraft
  • Level system with skill tree
  • The spacecraft can be upgraded and a crew can be hired
  • procedural action and methodology
  • Arena mode for battle-oriented challenge

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There are seven factions in Star Valor that you can team up with or fight against. Different factions also attack each other, and it’s important to choose carefully which factions to join, or whether to stay independent and make your own friends and enemies along the way. Beyond that, it’s up to you whether you favor the law and collect the bounty or become a space pirate yourself. Star Valor costs 20.99 Euros on Steam and has a very good rating.

Source: Steam

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