PlayStation Plus: Free Game in March: 4 Great Games at Once

PlayStation Plus: Free Game in March: 4 Great Games at Once

Owners of PlayStation Plus can expect two PS5 titles in March. Apart from this, Sony also offers interesting food for PS VR fans.

New Month, New Luck: Today Sony gives a complete list of free titles PlayStation Plus subscription for March. Members are expected to start from 2 March Final Fantasy VII Remake Such as Residue: Ashes On PS4. Together The sample And Destructive allstar There is also a new release from last month to do wonders on the PS5 and a free PS5 title. Together nooks and crannies Sony also offers its customers an interesting PS VR shooter on PlayStation 4.

With the Final Fantasy VII remake, Sony is giving real hits to its PS Plus owners for free next month. The famous RPG adventure from Square Enix introduces you to the beloved characters of the classic in a new guise. An interesting story about the Resistance Militia Avalanche, staged in the most beautiful Midgar to date, is a guarantee for long fictional fantasies, such as our test Could show. Cloud & Friends Adventure is available on PS4 from March 2 to April 5. Note: The version cannot be upgraded to the PS5 version.

Relic: Ash takes you to post-apocalyptic time in a survival action game. The objective is to defeat an ancient evil and save the last survivors of humanity. In our test You’ll learn how a dynamically generated world diversifies, as do over 100 evil monsters and 20 bosses, whom you encounter in the Solborn style despite the shooter elements. Soulslighter shooter will be available on PS4 from March 2 to April 5 (for testing).

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If you think your PS VR has been put on glass again in March, then you have a good reason for Farpoint. The first-person shooter leaves you stranded in an alien world that calls for a VR fight for survival. You can choose from different game modes and maps, as well as test your arsenal of weapons on evil aliens. Find out why Farpoint is one of the best VR experiences In our test. The shooter is available on PS4 from PS2-VR (for testing) from March 2 to April 5.

With maquette and destructionFor our test) PS5 titles are included in the Plus subscription again this month. While Destruction Allstar turns into an additional round by April 5, Maquette is a new PS5 release. The puzzle adventure takes place in an artistic world that fluctuates between immense stature and dwarfism. In addition to various riddles and riddles, Maquette also teaches you a modern love story that deals with topics such as loss, acceptance, and shared memory. Maquette is available on PlayStation 5 from March 2 to April 5.

PlayStation Plus – Free Game in March

These are free PS Plus game trailers for PlayStation Plus owners.

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