Kathy Hummels Jokes About Love Life – “I Have a New One”

Kathy Hummels Jokes About Love Life - "I Have a New One"

Kathy Hummels officially doesn’t have a new partner by her side. However, someone caught sight of him at Disneyland Paris.Pictured: imago / marja

There are many signs that Kathy and Mats Hummels are stepping down after a long time Relationship to go a different route. During the past few months, the footballer has been coordinating with others several times. women Kathy is completely calm in the matter of love. With her son Ludwig on the go, the 34-year-old now keeps an eye on someone. Young has also met the man – Cathy’s “chosen ones” are the real superheroes.

at Disneyland Paris Kathy Hummels and Ludwig hardly miss any highlights. The event included, for example, large parades and even a meeting with Mickey Mouse, including a photo shoot in front of the Disney Castle. Kathy’s was always 692,000 fan Feather instagram, The mother-son team had a great time. In many stories, Influencers reported shared experiences.

Ludwig is a fan of Iron Man, Kathy Hummels loves Thor

In the souvenir shop, “Ludy” dusted off an Iron Man figure that he didn’t keep for the rest of the day—not even when he encountered an entirely different superhero. Because even for a photo with a Thor double, the four-year-old didn’t let go of his toy. He stood a little shy next to a kneeling Marvel hero.

At Disneyland Paris, Kathy and Ludwig Hummels met a superhero or two.

At Disneyland Paris, Kathy and Ludwig Hummels met a superhero or two.photo: instagram/cathyhumels

Mother Cathy was nevertheless influenced by the God of Thunder. In her story, the presenter joked, taking a look at Thor: “Yes, I have a new one.” Not only that, because “he loves kids and is French”. It didn’t take long for Mats Hummels’ ex to arrive and she immediately joined the photo with her son. He was relieved that he was no longer alone with the superhero and took a few steps towards his mother.

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Kathy Hummels is having a good time

After a long day at Disneyland Paris, the TV personality draws a conclusion. “What a beautiful day that was,” reports the 34-year-old excitedly. When “Ludy” is bathing, she’s on her way supermarket, “My world is absolutely super rosy and positive”She declares, clearly satisfied.


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