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Body mass index (BMI) is the first point of reference for many people when thinking more about their body weight. But did you know that this is not the only measurement parameter? We present you the most common BMI Options And show you why they’re better than BMI.

All about “BMI Options”:

BMI Alternatives: This Is Why BMI Isn’t A Good Measuring Parameter

BMI can give us information about the extent to which we are gaining weight. Of course there is no such thing as a weight and in the end you have to be comfortable in your body. If you still want to know how your height and weight relate to each other, forget BMI. We have found a better measurement parameter for you.

Because BMI is much more accurate. Your body fat percentage is more important – and it has nothing to do with body mass index. Because it only measures all the fat on the body and muscles. However, it is more important belly fatwhich can be injurious to health, These fat cells secrete substances that can promote calcification of the arteries and thus increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

BMI or not: the main thing is that you feel good. photo: IMAGO Images / Addictive Stock

WHR: This measurement parameter is better than BMI

So if you want a reliable measurement of whether your weight is healthy or not, you should look at WHR – Waist to Hip Ratio. With this measurement parameter, Waist circumference divided by hip circumference, For women, the ideal value that indicates a healthy weight is below 0.8. Anyone with a value above 0.84 is considered obese.

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What is meant by obesity? Obesity is defined as pathological, significantly increased weight, which is harmful to health.

WHtr, the waist size index, can give you even more information than BMI. In doing so, he will Waist circumference divided by height. For females, depending on their age, the value should be around 0.40. For teenagers and older people, the value may be up or down. There is little room for error when measuring using this method, as everyone knows their height and it will not change significantly over the years.

BMI is out – WHR is in!

As you can see, you can use WHR as a BMI alternative to learn a lot about your weight and health. With a waist-to-hip ratio, you can to provide more detailed information – and just let BMI be BMI. But once again remind: Every body is beautiful. It doesn’t matter what the BMI or WHR is. Just focus on your health and the fact that you feel good, everything else will come by itself.

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