Even Netflix is ​​shocked by the “squid game” sensation KINO.de

Even Netflix is ​​shocked by the "squid game" sensation KINO.de

The new series “Squid Game” was released recently and is said to be very popular. It can also become Netflix’s most successful series.

South Korean series Isquid game Several people are invited to a mysterious event. The chosen ones have to participate in sports since childhood, but there is a catch: if they lose, they pay with their lives. However, a huge amount awaits the winner, which is urgently needed by the participants as they are all in debt.

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With this hugely exciting premise, the series is currently with Netflix users. As Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos told a conference (via) time limit), audience figures for “Squid Game” are so good that it “could become the biggest series ever to sustain opening ratings.” Furthermore, the Netflix boss was surprised by the huge success of South Korean Highlight and the streaming service did not expect the series to be so popular.

Exact numbers weren’t given, but if “Squid Game” is really going to be the biggest series on the platform, it’s going to have to hit a few hits. If you see how many houses are in each netflix series season 1 ofwitcher“(76 million families),”Lupine: Part 1“(76 million families) and”bridgerton“(82 million families) strongest competitor.

Are you already planning Season 2 of “Squid Game”?

After the resounding success of the series, many fans are surely wondering whether the story should continue with the second season. Our video gives you the answer.

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kino.de News – Big Cinema at the Netflix Fan Event

So if the South Korean series really wants to be the biggest series, the ratings should be high for the entire season. “Squid Game” has a total of nine episodes and it doesn’t take long for the series to really become a success. But even if it didn’t work out with the first location, the series has already been a huge success for Netflix.

If a series on Netflix is ​​so successful, a second season is almost certain, but in an interview with “Squid Game” inventor Hwang Dong-hyuk Diversity states, he currently has no concrete plans for any Season 2 of “Squid Game”. If it comes to that, the series producer would like to have a bigger team that includes experienced directors.

Maybe it’s only a matter of time before we can see Season 2 of “The Game of Squid,” but until then, you can stream the first season on Netflix first, of course multiple times if needed. .

You can prove how well you know about Netflix characters here:

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