Exclusive Ranking: Women Don’t Like These Vehicles At All

Exclusive Ranking: Women Don't Like These Vehicles At All

Only every seventh Model 3 has a female driver. This puts Tesla at the bottom in favor of women. But what cars do women actually go for?

Small, walkable, smart: These are the cars women feel most comfortable in – at least when they are behind the wheel themselves. On the other hand, big luxury sedans and SUVs are apparently not their thing. This is what the comparison portal calls a new assessment of VeriVox, which is available exclusively to T-Online.

20 most popular models

pattern female share
fiat 500 64 percent
Audi A1 63 percent
opal adam 61 percent
Mitsubishi Space Star 59 percent
Hyundai i20 59 percent
Mini (BMW) Mini II 57 percent
Toyota Yaris 57 percent
nissan micro 56 percent
Renault Twingo 54 percent
Hyundai i10 54 percent
Citroen C3 52 percent
kia picanto 52 percent
Citroen C1 52 percent
Ford KO 51 percent
Mazda 2 51 percent
Peugeot 207 50 percent
Fiat Panda Toyota Eygo 50 percent
dacia sandero 50 percent
vw up 49 percent
fiat grande punto 49 percent

Accordingly, small-town cars are especially popular – the Fiat 500, for example, the Audi A1 or the Opel Adam: two out of three of these small cars are insured by a woman. At the bottom of the rankings are the big sedans of BMW, Audi, Skoda and Mercedes. and Tesla Model 3.

20 Most Disliked Models

pattern female share
Tesla Model 3 15 percent
BMW 5 Series 17 percent
audi allroad quattro 17 percent
Skoda Superb 17 percent
Mercedes Benz E Class 19 percent
Audi A6 accept it
Volvo XC60 accept it
Mitsubishi Outlander accept it
Audi Q5 21 percent
VW Passat 22 percent
BMW 3 Series 22 percent
Mercedes Benz C Class 23 percent
VW Touareg 23 percent
Audi A4 23 percent
Ford Mondeo 23 percent
opal insignia 23 percent
Volkswagen Sharan 23 percent
BMW X3 24 percent
Ford S Max 24 percent
VW Van 25 percent
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there are reasons for the difference

The fact that large and expensive limousines, SUVs and sports cars are almost always insured by men is not simply due to differing tastes. But also because of the low income of women. Also, in families, the woman is more likely to have a smaller second car and get it insured.

20 most popular men’s cars

pattern male share
Tesla Model 3 85 percent
BMW 5 Series 83 percent
audi allroad quattro 83 percent
Skoda Superb 83 percent
Mercedes Benz E Class 81 percent
Audi A6 80 percent
Volvo XC60 80 percent
Mitsubishi Outlander 80 percent
Audi Q5 79 percent
VW Passat 78 percent
BMW 3 Series 78 percent
Mercedes Benz C Class 77 percent
VW Touareg 77 percent
Audi A4 77 percent
Ford Mondeo 77 percent
opal insignia 77 percent
Volkswagen Sharan 77 percent
BMW X3 76 percent
Ford S Max 76 percent
VW Van 75 percent
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In the evaluation, VeriVox examined how many policyholders are women per model. The analysis covered all insurance contracts of the comparison portal for the year 2021. Data from the 100 most frequently insured car models were evaluated.

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