Fear of a global fight for export ban

Fear of a global fight for export ban

DHe said that the European Union Commission and the Italian Government are proud to have 250,000 doses of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine in the European Union. On the other hand, the Australian government is no doubt – and there is also increasing criticism in the European Union of the export ban, with which the government in Rome, with the approval of Brussels, prevents vaccine bottles from being transported to Australia in Italy.

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Unfortunately, it is not surprising at these times that Australia’s Treasury Secretary Michael Birmingham said that some countries would “tear down the rule book”. The chairman of the trade committee in the European Parliament, Bernad Lang (SPD), criticized the Italian decision as opening a “Pandora’s box”. It threatens to lead a global battle for vaccines, in which the European Union may have no interest.

The export ban emerged a week ago at a video conference of heads of state and government. Italy’s new Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who wants to “militarize” his vaccination campaign, demanded that the EU should generally ensure that vaccines produced or packaged in member states also remain in the EU . Drew did not announce a particular Italian decision.

It fell after some time and was then approved by the European Union Commission on Monday – according to the rules. Affected is the vaccine that Agne-Zeneca (AZ) fills in Anagni in the south of Rome.

“Nuclear option” only

The export ban has sharply sparked controversy by the EU Commission over the general handling of vaccine shortages – more than expected about the “export mechanism” that the EU Commission introduced practically overnight at the end of January did. This action was a direct response to delivery failures that became apparent in AZ at the time.

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