Felix Auger-Aliassim talks about his role as player and captain in the ATP Cup

Felix Auger-Aliassime spricht über seine Rolle als Spieler und Kapitän im ATP Cup

World No. 11 Felix Auger-Aliassim is set to take on the role of player-captain in the ATP Cup. Auger-Aliassim is set to become captain and play for Canada in the ATP Cup. “Not much will change,” said Auger-Aliassime on the ATP Cup website.

“I think it’s similar to the team events we’ve had before”. Auger-Aliasime and Denis Shapovalov hope to lead Canada to success in the third edition of the ATP Cup. “I’ll watch Dennis’ games [Shapovalov] Look, but when it’s time for my preparation, I’ll do it.

i will watch the match with dennis [Shapovalov] Look, but when it’s time for my preparation, I’ll do it. That’s the best we can do. Just focus on what we personally need to do and try to win every game we play.

I love this event… I think it’s good for the game and it’s good for us players to start the year like this.”

Auger-Aliasim and Shapovalov have a strong Canadian pairing

Canada also has Braden Schnoor and Steven Dies in the ATP Cup.

“Doubles are very important in these events,” Shapovalov said. “Of course it’s the decision maker. So it’s great to have three or four guys who can play doubles and play really well.

Playing all year round helps a lot, but we have the best players and anyone can play doubles. I think we have a lot of variety in the team.” Schnoor is excited about the start of the season in the ATP Cup.

“I just have a feeling that this could be a great preparation for the year for me and I get every opportunity to spend time with and be around these people,” Schnoor said.

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I mean, this is the next generation of top players, so I’m very grateful for this opportunity and just looking forward to improving. Auger-Aliasim and Shapovalov both crashed out of the Davis Cup final because they felt they needed a break.

Auger-Aliasime and Shapovalov will now certainly be determined to lead Canada to a good ATP Cup result.

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