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In 2021 it kicked off the year-end holidays with an update to Tesla software announced soon by CEO Elon Musk. While the promised Holiday Update 2020 largely failed to materialize, we actually got it on Christmas 2021 With many new functions from version 2021.44.25 for many Tesla owners, Part of this is also the radically new user interface V11, which, however, was not well received in all respects. And owners of the Model S and Model X manufactured by the end of 2020 took the opportunity to know that their premium electric cars are already considered historic.

Tesla Interface V11 is being modified

The light show function sparked the most interest in the festival update. Similar to the Model X so far, you can have your Tesla turn your lights on and off to the music. Not only is it pre-programmed, but it also works individually – you can create your own light and sound shows on your home computer and then load them onto the electric car. In addition, Tesla software also had additional security features with automatic display of images from the matching side camera while playing new games and blinking.

However, that’s all packed into the new V11 Surface, which some owners found immature. The practical thing about this is that you can individually drag frequently used tasks to the Start bar at the bottom of the screen. Other abbreviations were lost with the redesign, for example for windshield wiper controls, seat heating and dashcam operation. The criticism clearly reached Tesla and was taken seriously: On Thursday, CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter that “many improvements” would be coming to the V11.

At the same time, the delight of many Tesla drivers, at least on the functional part of the holiday update, was mixed with the disappointment of some owners of premium electric cars Model S and Model X. These two models were refreshed in the early days. after that 2021 Recently updated in spring 2019 called Raven With among other things a new front engine and adaptive air suspension. And while shipments of the latest versions haven’t even begun outside of North America, Tesla is now describing all previous Model S and Model Xs as “historic.”

Model S and Model X partially phased out before 2021

This a. goes from company information page Regarding the update to V11, which is also available in a version for Germany, but there only in English. With the date 12/24. Tesla re-presents individual functions there. But at the bottom of the page it also states that almost all of them should be present in the Model 3 and Model Y, but not in the Model S and Model X from before 2021. For example, there’s neither a light show nor the new blind spot camera.

And that’s obviously how it should live, as Tesla doesn’t mention anything about future expansion. In addition, the first Model S and Model X are not simply marked as year, but clearly named “Legacy” by Tesla in the table. That meant something between “old” and “historic” and angered owners of the two premium Teslas, which were sometimes delivered as early as 2021 without a refresh. For example, on reddit was created a long discussion With complaints on the subject – and with fears that Tesla might develop an interface for Screens manufactured before 2021 in Model S and Model X in portrait format only established in principle.

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