FIFA advisor Wenger wants a World Cup every two years!

FIFA advisor Wenger wants a World Cup every two years!

Former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger has been pushing FIFA’s plan to hold a World Cup tournament every two years. To do this, the Frenchman also proposes a reform of the game board that would change a lot.

FIFA’s chief developer Wenger wants to assure Europe’s football powers that World Cup tournaments are held every two years as before, every four years. “If you want to improve the quality of sports around the world, think about it. Because in UEFA, in addition to 55 countries, there are 156 more,” said the longtime coach of Arsenal FC to the “kicker”. As head of football’s global development at world federation FIFA, the 71-year-old should more often examine the viability of the World Cup tournament.

Arsene Wenger calls for holding a World Cup tournament every two years

“There are now 211 countries in FIFA – and 133 of them have never played a World Cup. These countries look every four years without any chance of participating”, Wenger justified the idea. The four-year cycle does not need to be “set in stone”. Wenger assured him that he did not want conflict with UEFA, which alternates with World Cup tournaments every four years.

Therefore, he also wants to change the period of absence for international matches. According to Wenger’s suggestion, as in the past several times a year, clubs should send their professionals to national teams only once or twice for a long period of time. National teams can meet for a month in October and play all qualifying games for the next tournament at once.

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“More clarity and consistency”: Wenger wants to improve in World Cup

“That means less travel for the players overall, more clarity and consistency for everyone involved, and less risk of injury,” Wenger said. They want to reduce the number of games and guarantee a break after each tournament.

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“Think of it this way: the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada; 2027 a European Championship and other continental tournaments; another World Championships in 2028; and so on,” explained the French. (DPA/Spade)

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