Forest is also a place of integration

Forest is also a place of integration

Another sign of integration was recently established, with the opening of forest entry marks in different languages ​​at the Kaisersescher Martinshütte. The latter works mainly through relational work and spaces must be created for this. One such place is the forest, which also enables informal exchange between local people and immigrants. The new project aims to sensitize migrants to environmental and climate protection, but also to reduce the fear of the wilderness, if necessary. The signs are also interesting to locals, as they make it clear that climate and environmental protection are important issues that must be tackled together. The production and installation of forest entry signs in different languages ​​is a follow-up project to the 2020 “Mosaic of Cultures” organized by Hedwig Brengmann, which took place in the forest with drawn images and quotes on the theme of integration. .

The newly installed shield was developed by State Forest together with District Manager Markus Brengmann and Forestry Office Manager Hans-Peter Schimpgen. The printed text was translated into Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Persian/Dari and English by interpreters of the “Asylum Coordination Office” of the district administration’s interpreter pool. District Administrator Manfred Schnur welcomed the visitors to a small opening ceremony and underscored the importance of integration and the resulting good cooperation. At the same time, he praised the commitment of volunteers around this and other projects that constantly support progressive, positive integration. Area Manager Marcus Brengmann explained the deteriorating condition of the local forest as a result of climate change and introduced the attendees to the planting of alternative tree species. With the theme of promoting integration in mind, he eventually collaborated with district administrator Shnur to plant a ginkgo tree, which is believed to be one of the oldest tree species and probably originated in China. “The tree stands out for the diversity of different countries and cultures in the Kochem-Zel district and the rich opportunities for local people and immigrants,” the district chief said. In addition to a “Tree Care Day” with immigrants and locals in the forest district of Zell as part of “Intercultural Week” (September 2021), other projects are planned in the near future. To

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