Final bounce on the cycling track: Leipziger Gross & Co. in sixth place

Felix Groß

Izu / Leipzig. After a preliminary race including a German record on Tuesday, German track bike four with Leipzig’s Felix Gross (SC DHFK) started last at the “Izu Velodrome” on Wednesday. However, the team with the new line-up could not prevail against Canada. After the Dane’s fall in the semi-final against Great Britain, Denmark still made it to the final, but the British only finished seventh against Switzerland. For Germany, all medals were already off the table, but a team of four managed to finish fifth in the team chase with a win against Canada.


Shortly after the start at around 5:50 p.m. local time, Felix Gross’s German team was a few tenths behind, and the Canadians slowly but surely extended their lead during the race. Ultimately, the German drivers crossed the finish line with a time of 3:50.023 – three seconds behind the Canadians – and finished in sixth place. Four drivers did not lower their German record of 3:48.886, which was set only on Tuesday.

Felix Gross from after the race said, “We went with the same strategy as on Tuesday, swapping Roger (Kluge) for Theo (Reinhardt) because he was feeling a little tired.” ” “We drove in this constellation for the first time, so we are very satisfied with the race, on time. We can build on that.” In the Oceania duel for the bronze medal, Australia won against neighboring New Zealand, but its The reason was again an ugly fall: the fourth rider touched the rear wheel of the person in front, lost his balance and fell on the track.

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The final was a fascinating face-off between the two strongest teams from the start: Denmark took the lead in the middle of the race, but Italy held on in the final meter and came away with a time of 3:42.032 at the end. Almost two tenths of a second ahead of the Dane at the finish line – a new world record.

“Unfortunately, we are currently not strong enough to retain the best players in the world,” says SC DHFK sporting director Stephen Mathes. Accompanied by staff from the Leipzig Olympic Base, he followed up the final race on Wednesday morning with breakfast and coffee for the public to see. Despite the lost race, Mathes is completely satisfied with his hero, Felix Gross: “The national coaches would have to judge how the four-man did overall, but Felix was in really top form and in really good athletic mood. – Thanks also for the preparation by his coach Dietmar Juncker. “To really keep up with the top teams, Maths believes, you also need top drivers – at least three, best four . “I don’t mean to say that Felix is ​​the only good driver on the team. But even if Theo Reinhardt had driven today instead of Jens Kluge, the Canadian would have been hard to beat. Even if all four went in with the hope of a medal , but they can certainly be satisfied with the new German record.”

The final Leipzig medal balance can be refreshed at the end of the week by Tina Dietz and Melanie Gebhardt in Kayak Foursome. “Every athlete who makes it to the Olympics is a hero for our club and a role model for our youth. I wish they all achieve their individual goals,” says Mathes. If Marvin Schulte (SC DHFK) around As the 4x100m relay reaches the final, the Leipzig sports scene will be on view again on Friday afternoon.

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