Football and studies combined: Lübeck’s Leon Will says about scholarship in America

Leon Will absolviert derzeitig ein Fußball-Stipendium in den USA

“I was really excited because I didn’t know what to expect!” Leon Will revealed in an exclusive conversation with LN Sports Buzzer. Since the summer of 2021, the 19-year-old, who has spent almost the entirety of his youth career at VfB Lübeck, has been completing a football scholarship to the United States – more precisely at the University of Maine in Fort Kent. This place is not far from the Canadian border.


Lübeck-based Leon Will: “There’s already an emphasis on fitness here in America!”

In this university he combines his business management studies with his active sports career. With the college team “UMFK Bengals” he also made it to the finals of the USCAA-Liga, a league for some smaller college teams. There Will & Co failed hard, drawing short straws in the penalty shoot-out. Lukas Will’s brother, who is currently active for Optik Ratheno in the Regionalliga Nordost, reports on the big difference between German and American football priorities: “The focus is already on the fitness sector here in America, while In Germany it is rather, the focus is on the strategic-playing sector.”

Leon Will Enters UMFK Bengals College Team – 15 Minutes And Extra Time In Final

Leon Will, who could also get credit for his business management studies in Germany, had to work hard during the first six months of his football scholarship to be recommended for the league season. “Here, the coaches really rely on longer-term, more experienced teammates. It was very difficult for me to make a move.” But his football training at VfB Lübeck has paid off, as Will needs regular time in the grand finale. Substituted 15 minutes before the end – to take the penalty in an all-important penalty shoot-out, in the end, he did not dare: “Actually, I had to take the penalty, I was already on the coach’s note. But shortly before that, I missed a penalty in training, so I didn’t want to take responsibility for it.”

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“In American colleges, university timing is based on training time!”

Overall, the playwright, who turns 20 in January, sees the first six months in the United States as exciting experience: from radically improving his English skills to a successful start at university (“In the first semester, I was able to Had to wait for many good grades for his further development in football”). “In American colleges, varsity hours are based on training times. Football is of great importance and special attention is paid to ensuring that varsity and football do not overlap”, reports Will, who is a traveler and a football player. Screams about getting there:” We sometimes fly by plane to games – it’s a very special feeling.”

Degree in Business Administration or Training with the Police? Soccer Scholarship Schemes Still Open

Leon Will spend Christmas days and the start of the New Year 2022 with his family in Dissau, he won’t return to the US until mid-January and will spend his second semester there soaking up other exciting moments. Next summer I will go back to Germany. Will wants to either continue his business administration studies with two business management semester credits, or begin training with the police. “I don’t know yet what I’ll decide.” And perhaps the “Lübeck Young” will be re-hired by an association in the LN region – it will continue to be seen …

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