Ford Mustang 2023: Naturally Aspirated V8 with Manual Transmission

Ford Mustang 2023: Naturally Aspirated V8 with Manual Transmission

Ford showed courage with the new Mustang. According to its own statements, the world’s best-selling sports car will be launched in 2023 in its seventh version without electrifying drive. Ford CEO Jim Farley argues, “Investing in a new Mustang generation is a big statement at a time when many of our competitors are exiting the combustion vehicle business, and he’s sure to find plenty of answers to this announcement.” can be.” One wants to accelerate its growth plan with traditional drives as well as equip the most popular series with hybrid drives and networking.

Three-chamber lights remain the main distinguishing feature at the rear.

The new Mustang will be offered again as a coupe and convertible. The customer has a choice of three petrol engines. It is somewhat strange that Ford reveals many details in technical data, including compression, dimensions of bore and stroke, or translation of the steering. The first data sheet does not contain any information about engine power. The model is scheduled to come out in the summer of 2023, and Ford should show its colors in the catalog at the latest.

The basic model, nicknamed “Ecoboost”, has a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder intake manifold with injection and about 320 hp. Unlike the four-cylinder, the five-liter V8 is a naturally aspirated engine, with compatible, to a certain extent linear, performance characteristics that are appreciated by sports drivers. It works with combined intake manifold and direct injection, probably due to exhaust gas values, and should have around 530 hp. The top model will be the “Dark Horse” – a V8 petrol engine that delivers even more power. This version is only available in coupe and doesn’t even require supercharging.

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As with all Mustangs, the customer has a choice between a six-speed manual transmission from German supplier Getrag and a ten-speed automatic transmission from the company. You read that right: Ford offers the combination with a V8 and manual transmission. This is unusual, especially since the era of manual transmissions is also drawing to a close in the United States and Europe. From 2023, Mercedes will not sell any models without an automatic transmission, and manual transmissions are also on the decline at Volkswagen and all other major manufacturers. All versions have a differential brake so that the rear axle gets torque on the asphalt without the wheels spinning uncontrollably.

The customer has a choice between a ten-speed automatic transmission from the company or a standard manual transmission with six gears from Getrag.

It is almost surprising that Ford equips the sporty model with a simple wheel suspension consisting of a lower triangular wishbone and a springy damper strut. Sports cars usually have double wishbone suspension that can be driven more transparently in curves. At the rear, Mustangs drive with a breached multi-link connection. Shock absorbers can be adjusted to a variety of specifications, from comfort to sport. A handbrake, which can traditionally be operated by hand, also operates on the rear wheels. Service brakes are 352 mm discs and four-piston callipers at the front, optionally or 390 mm with six-piston callipers from Brembo in the “Dark Horse” model.


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