Portafilter in the test: This affordable coffee machine is convincing

Portafilter in the test: This affordable coffee machine is convincing

portfilter in test
This affordable coffee machine is convincing

Espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and so on are not only a success for the barista around the corner. With a suitable portafilter machine, you can enjoy almost perfect coffee at home. It is good that related equipment is also available cheaply. Warrentest has them tested.

Real connoisseurs swear by portafilter machines when it comes to making coffee. But it doesn’t have to be a bigger and more expensive appliance than a cafe. Because with a little information and right beanYou can also make full-bodied espresso and harmonious cappuccino at home. reached this conclusion Stitching Warrentest, which tested seven portafilter machines, including models from D’Longhi, Krupps and Smeg. Prices range between 156 and 455 euros.

It was assessed how well espresso machines produced coffee with milk froth. He ensured that the equipment was comfortable to use, easy to clean and easy to disassemble. Testing also shows which model produces the best milk foam. In addition, product tests examined the repair of espresso machines, for example whether specialist companies could easily replace components. Luckily, it wasn’t a problem for any of them.

When landing the lead ends up in the cup


Krupps Portfilter Machine Virtuoso XP442C

190,99 Euro 234,99 euro

Four models scored a total of “good”, with two models giving the polluters a good result. The test winner is the “Virtuoso XP442C” from Krupps for just 169 euros (grade 2.2), together with the smug “ECF01BLEU” in retro design for 350 euros (grade 2.2). best milk foam Gave Legend “The Bambino Plus” for 455 euros (“good”, 2.3).

The most affordable and very expensive machines in the test that lost the test are: the Severin “KA 5995 Espressa Plus” for 156 euros (“bad”, 4.6) and the 400-euro Solis “Barista Gran Gusto” (“bad”, 4.7). Both devices shed a lot of lead into the cup after descaling. Another annoyance when landing: With the Solis, the program takes a full 75 minutes. In addition, there is a risk of burns during the process with the Graf machine (“Portafilter Espresso Salita”, 208 euros, “Satisfactory”). In contrast, the SEZ machine takes off safely and quickly in just 17 minutes.

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