Android 12 creates an annoying problem

Android 12 creates an annoying problem
Installation of Android 12 Beta on Samsung Galaxy S21. (image source: giga)

Samsung started distributing Android 12 update for the Galaxy S21 smartphone a few days back. Although the new software was extensively tested in beta testing, now there is some troubling issue. But not all users are affected.

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Samsung Galaxy S21: Android 12 makes the smartphone jerky

As the owner of a high-end smartphone like the Galaxy S21, this is what you want Android 12 . establishment not experience. samsung smartphone running Not as a liquid in some situationsAs was the case with Android 11. The reason for this is known quickly. After installing Android 12 with “One UI 4”, the variable refresh rate is often not switched correctly.

Galaxy S21 runs where 120Hz really should be used Suddenly only 60 Hz. FeatherWhereas earlier it was not so. This creates unsightly lag, which makes Samsung smartphones feel slow (source: sammobile) At present the problem is not resolved. Since the refresh rate behaves dynamically and decides when to set which setting, you will have to wait for a solution from the manufacturer.

Although currently the problem seems to be Galaxy S21 model only affected in the US Happening At least that’s where most of the reports come from. Why the concentration there is so high, in particular, remains uncovered. Samsung installs Qualcomm processors in the United States, while Exynos chips are used in Germany. Must be software.

i am Video See what Samsung is making possible with Android 12 and One UI 4:

Samsung is planning further Android 12 update

The delivery of Android 12 for the Galaxy S21 smartphone was just the beginning. Samsung has already disclosed Which Models Will Still Receive Major Software Updates, A minor issue with the refresh rate isn’t likely to change the plan. Soon more cell phones and tablets should be supplied.

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