Many TV channels are disappearing from Vodafone’s cable programming

Many TV channels are disappearing from Vodafone's cable programming

Millions of users across Germany receive their television programs via cable. Almost all through the provider Vodafone. It is now canceling several channels from the program. Techbook shows what customers need to do.

It is understandable that a provider modifies its offer each time. Vodafone has regularly adjusted the selection of channels in its cable TV offer over the past few months. Most of the time, the company removed channels in SD, which was not very dramatic. Because many of them are still available in better HD resolution. The current all-round flick is likely to be a huge hit to many cable TV subscribers, as in addition to SD channels, Vodafone is also completely removing 20 other TV channels from its program.

Vodafone will completely cancel 20 pay TV channels

Closing the channels does not affect all families. How Vodafone on its website The date of the shutdown applies to the three federal states, it writes. In Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Vodafone will shut down the same TV channels on 14 April. Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia will arrive a little later on 28 and 30 April respectively.

Vodafone’s decision to completely cancel 20 other TV channels is likely to offend some customers. The company will stop broadcasting the following pay-TV programs without replacement, so both SD and HD versions are disappearing:

  • Animal planet
  • Motor sports car
  • Baby tv
  • BBC Entertainment
  • Bongsto
  • Classic
  • Doxx
  • I! entertainment
  • Extreme sports channel
  • Good mood TV
  • Jukebox
  • Motorvision .TV
  • MTV 80s
  • Mtv hits
  • Nicton
  • Mtv live
  • OCKO
  • Penthouse TV
  • Rtl passion
  • German Weather Television
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Following the acquisition of UnityMedia in August 2019, Vodafone handled most of the affected channels from the former provider. In the meantime, however, they do not explicitly fit the offer or generate the desired audience ratings. Therefore, Vodafone is canceling TV channels during modernization, through which providers want to establish their TV offers nationwide in the long run.

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Eight TV Channels Disappearing in SD or HD

A total of seven SD channels will also disappear from Vodafone’s TV range due to the closure. However, channels are still available in HD, so the change is more or less modernized. The following programs are affected:

  • discovery Channel
  • eSports1
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • Sony channel
  • Legend universal tv

The SD version has been retained for the LUST PUR channel, but Vodafone is canceling the HD version.

The affected people have the exclusive right to terminate

Unlike the abolition of SD channels, users have the exclusive right of termination through the complete removal of 20 channels from the program portfolio. However, Vodafone states that customers for whom TV reception is part of the 3play package can terminate the entire Internet telephone contract with a special expiration.

If users wish to terminate their TV contract prematurely due to a switch-off, they may do so in writing via email, post or contact form. it’s possible

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