After the Fall: VR co-op action FPS details on intense battles and ruthless opponents

After the Fall: VR co-op action FPS details on intense battles and ruthless opponents

Vertigo Games released a new video today as part of the PS-VR Spotlight event that provides a look at the upcoming VR game. after the fall Approved. after the fallOculus Quest, planned for the PlayStation-VR and PC-VR platforms, is a VR action FPS with a focus on an intense four-player co-op experience. Players team up in cross-platform multiplayer and fight for survival in a hostile, freezing dystopian world.

after the fall The 1980s alternate takes place in the frozen remains of Los Angeles, where the use of experimental substances aims to make people more resilient to the new ice age, rather than the brutally mutated, undead. Snowbirds born. Twenty years later, humanity has been driven underground and its survival now depends on Harvest Runner ab – survivors courageous enough to join Vaughn Snowbirds To venture into contaminated, frozen wastelands to bring back vital supplies. Equipped with full VR motion control, players feel after the fall Like a mighty action hero from the 1980s: with realistic movements, destructive weapons are used in a way that will delight even the most experienced VR gamers.

Thanks to a focus on intense four-player co-op, players move through enemy territory and face massive hordes of them together with fellow survivors on all major VR platforms. Snowbirds to record. There is a need for caution, especially with formidable enemy types: from giant beasts that can literally flatten you with the blow of their giant ice fists, to those that grab you by the neck and tear the ground off under your feet. give. Missions play out differently with each round and battle against them Snowbirds is a true team effort as players work together to navigate a cold and hostile world after the fall to survive.

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in developer post playstation-blog Know more about Brave Harvest Runner and various types of deadly Snowbirds to discover.

after the fall Oculus Quest will be released for PlayStation-VR and PC-VR in the summer of 2021.

players who continue after the fall Want to be informed, the game can be added to the wishlist on the platform of your choice or on the official website Register for a chance to access the upcoming closed beta phase.

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