US government has no evidence of extraterrestrial life

US government has no evidence of extraterrestrial life

What does the US government know about extraterrestrial life? UFO fans have been speculating on this question for decades. A report should now respond.

According to a media report, US Secret Services reports about unidentified objects in flight, which are eagerly awaited by the UFO fan base, contain no evidence of extraterrestrial life. As the “New York Times” reported Thursday, government officials have no explanation for what caused the unidentified objects in the flight seen by the military — nor is there credible evidence that the objects may have come from aliens.

The New York Times wrote, citing senior government officials, that experts were unable to explain the mysterious motion of objects in flight. In all, the report, which has been kept secret until now, is devoted to more than 120 UFO sightings for the past two decades. Some unknown objects in flight attracted attention because of their ridiculously high speeds and their maneuverability.

According to the report, at least it can be ruled out that these items were the product of secret US military technology. However, a senior government official told the “New York Times” about growing fears that the objects could be related to Chinese or Russian experiments in hypersonic technology.

Obama: “Some Things I Can’t Say Here”

The US intelligence services report is to be submitted to the US Congress by June 25 at the latest. As reported by the “New York Times”, the addendum to the report remains confidential.

Videos released by the Pentagon last year of three objects in flight that were classified as “unknowns” fueled recent rumors that US intelligence agencies may have information about intelligent extraterrestrial life.

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as well as the first US President Barack Obama Jokingly said on a television show in mid-May: “There are some things about aliens that I can’t say here.” What is true, however, is that “there are photographs and recordings of objects in the sky that we do not know exactly what they are and we cannot tell how they move”.

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