The farmer is looking for a woman: the participant unpacks – this is how shooting with RTL takes place

The farmer is looking for a woman: the participant unpacks - this is how shooting with RTL takes place

The Bavarian farmer Hubert is looking for love in the 17th season of “Bauer Sucht Frau”. But RTL had very special requirements for TV shows.

Eleven farmers and one horse are looking for the landowner The 17th season of “Bauer Sucht Frau”* with the help of Moderator Inca Bows*And love RTL. These include Bavarian piglet and beekeeper Hubert, who lives with his parents and brother on their farm in Upper Bavaria, where he raises 40 piglets, 30 bee colonies, 40 chickens, one cat, ducks, geese and turkeys. take care of. Beekeeping is noisy for Herbert eco24.d*Changed from hobby to profession: His honey has won awards.

Hubert approaches his work in agriculture with enthusiasm: “It is diverse and varied,” he says in an interview with RTL. Working with nature and the weather is a challenge. “And I love challenges.” With his participation in the 17th season of “Bauer such Frau”, a completely new challenge begins for Hubert on Monday, November 1, far away from the weather and nature: the search for the right partner at the famous Dome with presenter Inca Boj. Show.

Farmer looking for a woman: Herbert talks about work with RTL after registering for the show

The 1.79-metre-tall farmer has been unmarried for two years – but dreams of having a family of his own. Hubert wants two children. But he still lacks the right woman. “Nature-loving, friendly, nice, helpful, familiar. I am looking for a completely normal, good, natural partner who can even be crazy, ”herbert said in an interview with RTL. Is presenter Inca Can Baus do his wish for his family in the 17th season of “Bauer Sucht Frau”?

Even with the sight of it not being such an easy task for him RTL. The TV show of “Bauer Sucht Frau”*A happy ending would be desirable. You heard right, in conversation with suddetsche zeitung Herbert tells of his participation in the show. After Herbert was registered by his friends for “the farmer is looking for a wife”, he stood in front of the camera for hours. In a few interviews, some of which lasted several hours, it was checked whether Herbert was fit to “find a farmer’s wife”.

Farmer in search of wife: Filming with RTL can be so exhausting

Herbert can speak to RTL about specific questions suddetsche zeitung Don’t give any information – Like all 12 candidates, the 40-year-old has to follow the rules in the contract. In between interviews, he also had to shoot a video that appears in the series “Farmer Seeks Woman” of introductions. RTL Television*Broadcasted. And as soon as Farmer chose his lady-in-waiting for mid-week, work with RTL for “Bauer such Frau” really began.

This is shown by an article eco24.d* till 16th season of “Bauer Sucht Frau”* To the former lady-in-waiting Alina. Peter’s 29-year-old lady-in-waiting spoke on Instagram about the filming of “Bauer Such Frau” during Farm Week*. Alina Strict: “I think we slept face to face on the couch the first evening, honestly, we were so flat.” Doesn’t the always too simple work with RTL pay off for Herbert in the end and he finds love in “Bauer Sucht Frau” from the 17th season?

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Farmer in search of wife: Former candidate says about taking part in interview

Viewers will know by the end of November at the latest. about new Time from the 17th season of “Bauer such Frau”* writes eco24.d* In a separate article. And if you want to know more about working with RTL for “Bauer Such Frau”, you should definitely do eco24.dInterview with Rudiger Stahli* Read, who also participated in “Bauer Such Frau” in 2020, commented on details about his participation in an interview. ,eco24.d there is an offer from,

List of rubrics lists: © RTL / Stefan Gregorovius

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