Forza Motorsport entering the polishing phase next year

Forza Motorsport entering the polishing phase next year

There was some speculation that Forza Motorsport would be released later this year, but the gameplay is revealed during Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase In June it was confirmed to be titled Spring 2023. Unfortunately, it may seem even more likely that it will be heading to summer or fall.

at the last minute forza monthly streams Designer and director Dan Greenwalt explained the different stages of developing a game and said: “The next stage, and here we are now, is production.”

According to Greenwalt, the final stage, which is Polish, will follow next year. But it looks like it takes a long time for a big sport like Forza Motorsport to shine, and a reasonable guess is that there won’t be enough time before the summer:

“The final stage we’ll enter next year is polish. And polish is really important. When you have a big sport like motorsport and you have a lot of new systems that you’ve thought about, then You have a lot of surfaces to polish, and that takes a lot of time.”

We always prefer a well-polished game later than something rough around the edges, and it seems like the wait for this game might be a little longer than expected, what’s your conclusion?

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