Free Valley – MIRROR

Free Valley - MIRROR

People named her the Valley – this eight-meter-tall and nearly two-year-old gray whale is actually home to the Pacific, but is now sighted off the coast of southern France in the Mediterranean Sea. Researchers suspect that climate change may be the reason for their confused direction.

Eric Henson, the French agency for biodiversity: “The Northwest Passage, which connects the Pacific with the Atlantic, was first used to cause ice melting in summer. Global warming is accelerating the melting of ice, so it is marine Is the route. It is already dormant earlier in the year. We believe this young whale made a navigational error. Instead of swimming down the Pacific coast, it has lost the Atlantic coast and lost time. Is. Now it’s returning to Gibraltar, desperately trying to return. Quiet. “

Scientists and activists are seen on the way to the Mediterranean Sea. He works normally for the most part. But you are worried about its weight.

Celine Tardy, Criob Research Laboratory: “Italian colleagues estimate that it is less than 37 percent of the body mass of its intrigues at the same age. Also, as it floats so close to the coast, we have to watch this animal up close . “

Wally must be very hungry. Because in the Mediterranean Sea they do not find any invertebrates that make their normal food in the Pacific. He travels a distance of 80 to 90 kilometers per day, after which he has to pass through the busy Gibraltar waterway. And then another ten thousand kilometers waiting for the weak animal to go home.

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