Frieski World Championship in Aspen – Gold goes to Portholm and Gu – Sport in Halfpipe

Frieski World Championship in Aspen - Gold goes to Portholm and Gu - Sport in Halfpipe

  • Nico Portriff of New Zealand is the halfpipe world champion in Frisky.
  • In the women’s category, Eileen Gu of China won.
  • The only Swiss participant in the final, Rafael Kreinbul, turns 6 years old.

In the men’s final, only 4 out of 10 contestants made it to the first round. The only Swiss finalist, Rafael Kreinbul, was one of them. In the end, the 71.50 points achieved in the process placed the 21-year-old from Davos at number 6.

Gold went to New Josender Nico Porthong. 94.50 points 19 years old by 1 run can no longer be crossed. Simone D’Artis of Canada came closest to her in second place with 91.25 points. Bronze winner Burke Irving (USA) also showed his best debut with 89.75 points.

Two-time Olympic champion failed three times

2014 and 2018 US Olympic champion David Wise surprisingly landed in last place. The 30-year-old Master’s three disappointing runs had a brutal decision of 4.75, 30.75 and 28.50 points.

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Eileen Gu, who started for China, was a favorite for women. In the first round she outlined her title ambition with 93 points. And this should ultimately prove to be the winning run, although Gu gave the highest value in 2 runs with 92.50 points.

Rachel Karkar, who was the best in qualification, won the silver with 91.75 points in the final run. The bronze went to Zoe Atkin from Great Britain, who finished second and third respectively with 89.00 and 90.50 points.

The women’s competition took place without the Swiss competition.

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