Fritz lab update with changes to telecom companyflex and VPN

Fritz lab update with changes to telecom companyflex and VPN

Network expert AVM has a lot of new things to try out for the lab program. Updates for the experimental lab are now available for the Fritzbox 7490, Fritzbox 6660 cable, Fritzbox 7560, and Fritzbox 7530 AX.

The tests are currently about two separate update rounds – one for the Fritzos 7.24, one for the Fritzos 7.26. AVM is still fine-tuning before releasing a new function update for more Fritz boxes And is already testing a successor. Owners of the FritzBox 7490 can now get Build 07.24-88445. FritzBox 6660 is for cable 07.26-88501, FritzBox 7560 for version 07.24-88445, and FritzBox 7530 AX for FritzOS 07.24-88468. Changes sometimes vary, sometimes more changes occur.

It should be interesting that the Fritzbox 7530 XX only got an improvement in stability. So it may soon start with finished updates for all users.

With new updates in laboratory testing, many errors reported by voluntary examiners are addressed in other devices. Details on four router model updates are available AVM website for lab program Or in beta packages, which can be downloaded there. There you will also find useful suggestions for using beta versions. We have published the release notes of the Fritzbox Model 7560 as an example.

Fritzos for Fritzbox 7560 replaces 7.24-88445

  • Internet: Fixed – VPN connections are sometimes closed after a long connection time depending on the third party solution
  • Fixed – Devices connected via WLAN cannot get IPv4 address (7590 AX only)
  • Fixed – In some circumstances WiFi devices in the home network cannot be accessed via VPN
  • WLAN: Fixed – Story below graphic “allocation of WLAN channels” not displayed in a single line (“WLAN / Radio channel” page)
  • Fixed – Possible issues when registering repeaters after changing WLAN encryption from “WPA2 + WPA3” to “unencrypted”
  • Fixed – With unencrypted WiFi, the WPS function for WiFi guest access did not work reliably
  • Improvement – Increased stability
  • Telephony: Changes – Required changes for future use of online phone book from Google
  • Fixed – when using the business telephony platform “Telecom CompanyFlex “phone numbers were probably not registered after editing in the user interface
  • Fixed – no display of call blocks if they included an entry without a phone number
  • Fixed – Search by name in phone book was possible but not by phone number
  • Fixed – Internal fax function cannot be set if the phone book contains an entry without a phone number
  • Fixed – When using encrypted telephony, after the abortion by the caller before the call was accepted, telephones on the fritzbox could ring endlessly
  • Fixed – Three-way conference over an analog telephone did not work in isolated cases
  • Fixed – Phone numbers are not registered when using extended failover protection
  • DECT: Fixed – after a long time it may happen that some functions were not available (eg media player, update search) ??
  • system: Changes – Push service: various changes in the text of the email “change notice”
  • Fixed – Google Authenticator code sometimes cannot be entered on user interface
  • home network: Improvement – Performance of optimized network connections for large networks
  • Fixed – Changing the setting in the device description of some network devices produces an inappropriate error message
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